Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PCN CDs are here

Ok, first off, lest i sound like an absolute whiner in some of these blog posts, let me clarify my position. I think most people would agree, looking for and applying for a job is simply the worst. It sucks. Having a band or musical project is a lot like constantly having to apply for a job over and over. In a sense, you're constantly shouting, PAY ATTENTION TO US, LIKE ME!! And that, at times, well most of the time, makes me feel like an asshole. Now, there are a lot of aspects to life that I have conditioned myself to block out, unfortunately I'm not wired properly to still not feel like an asshole when I'm trying to shamelessly promote the band and get some miniscule fragment of people to ever so vaguely give it a fragment of their attention. Let alone give the music a chance. It's a personal problem. Now, many of my close associates would argue, "But Eriq, you are an asshole in general anyways, why do you have a problem being socially gregarious and uncompromising with your own self promotion?" And the answer is, I just don't know. Maybe if I did cocaine all the time, the impenetrable self-confidence that I require might manifest itself. Unfortunately, cocaine gives me the shits.

Regardless, the album has gotten a couple write ups by some blogs, which is completely fucking awesome. Thank you! At the end of the day, we just want the album to be heard, because I'm sure as hell not capable of listening to it anymore.

So the PCN CDs are here, and third time's a charm, no fuck-ups with the artwork or the printing - yay! They look perfect. Speaking of perfect things, let me briefly address the album cover. The album cover is EXACTLY as I envisioned it from conception. I am so very proud of it. Tommi painted most of it, definitely all the harder technical stuff, and I assisted with more of the grunt work. These internet Gifs and Jpegs do not do it justice - at all. If someone thinks it is ugly, that's totally fine. But it is exactly what I envisioned. It's an homage to a highly unique cult movie series. If you've seen them, then you'll get the reference. What I did not want to do was create a Photoshop atrocity, because first off, my Photoshop skills are severely limited as they are. And that shit just dates the work. What I wanted was something real and organic (like the album), and cinematic - that harkened back to the days when movie posters were painted. Now, we weren't making a movie poster, so the goal was to keep the emphasis on the three of us as subtle interpretations of characters the movie series we're referencing, and to me, I think we succeeded. And just like the music, the cover is something that we made, all by ourselves. Don't like it? That's fine. I think it's cool.

We're playing some SF shows - this Saturday at The Stud, and Dec 4th at Kimo's. It'll be our last Kimo's show, as they are closing / changing ownership and discontinuing live performance. They've always been great spot to play with excellent sound, it sucks to be losing that space. The Stud show will be as a duo, and we're not sure if Jimo will be joining for the Kimo's show. Regardless, Tommi and I have been working on a bit of new material and will be playing some the new songs this Saturday.


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