Sunday, November 27, 2011

stud show

Thanks to all y'all who came out last night to the show at the Stud. We had a problem right away, one of girls from Blasfemme was under 21 and the club wouldn't let them play. Sucked.

Anyway, Tommi and I played some songs - they were:

Older Brother
What is Beauty.
I want to have Fun
Love 2.0
Die Young
Out of Fashion
Yr Sex
The Revolting Youth

So there were three new ones in there. They were a bit shaky, but I at least managed to remember most of the words most of the time! Everybody asked about the whereabouts of Jimo and if/when he'd be coming back from the jungle. We do not know. We just do not know...

Next show - Sunday Dec 4th @ KIMO'S - PARAE's last show ever at Kimo's :(


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