Friday, December 30, 2011

in case you hadn't heard

Jimo quit the band.

he officially resigned back in August, though we managed to coerce him into recording one more song for PCN (it always ends in tears), dressing up for the album cover (pre-painting), and playing two shows with us in the interim. otherwise we haven't seen him at all since this summer. he's been off doing something else, in fact, he was off doing something else for most of the year.

Tommi and I indeed do have a new project that we are working on right now. we've been commissioned, in a way, to compose and record a rock opera, based on some ancient greek plays called the Oresteia. this is not the Russian version, haha. more details to come.

we are also giving it a try playing with a new band member. you can watch the new PARAE Infomercial to find out who! we've been looking for a bass player as well, but so far no luck. there will be shows in the new year, and a lot of new music to come for all 15 of you out there.


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