Monday, December 03, 2007

still not there

so we're still not quite there with the artwork for the god damned cd. everything is just taking so long to do. on the bright side though, it is all coming together nicely. since we've resigned ourselves to using plastic jewel cases, as they are incredibly cheaper than going all paper, we've been throwing together the art work for an 8-panel insert which will include all of the lyrics in very very tiny print! right now tommi is working on a photo collage out of a bunch of different pictures, and we've narrowed down the pics from the photoshoot to the two we're gonna use. it should all end up looking pretty nice, so that even if the music is shit, we'll have a real nice looking package to hock at our intermittent live shows.

speaking of shows, our currently next scheduled show and probably official cd release party is gonna be FRIDAY MARCH 14th @ EL RIO. we may end up setting up some shows before then too, guess we'll see what happens. it is my goal to somehow set up some kind of tour in the spring for like a week or two, so we'll see if that manifests.

anyways, onto maybe even bigger news, we've got two new guys in the band. they are jerry on keyboards, who we met at folsom st fair this past year, and corey on bass, who tommi knows from work. it's been a couple of weeks and things are going pretty awesome, and there is quite a high level of excitement! last night we were smashing thru some tunes and it was like hey, we sound almost like a real band. and we sounded fucking massive. i mean, not as cool and tight as the grindcore band down the hall, those guys are totally my hereos, i so wanna do some fucked up grindcore tunes. anyways, the story on these two kids are, jerry used to be in an electro dyke band called clitastprohy, and they broke up after playing at the bottom of the hill. corey is a youngin' who's totally into late seventies power pop and shit and has this really nice looking rickenbacker bass that he plays pretty good too. he has played in a couple bands with some friends, i can't remember what they were called though at the moment. anyways, me and tommi are super excited to have them playing with us, and it's been like two weeks and we already got like six songs together (plus we made up like two new things last night, i swear the hits just keep a coming). anyways, it seems like everyone is really open to doing whatever kind of music we want, and my goal is to honor everyone's ideas and input and just start churning out new songs and go in all kinds of different directions. like last night we came up with this minute long song that corey is gonna sing that documents his heartbreakingly many failed attempts to fuck his ex-girlfriend in the ass. it's gonna be awesome. still hoping to find a second guitarist/synth player. there is someone interested, we'll see if that comes to fruition, it'd be pretty cool to have a gang of five with a female in the group.

anyways, hoping to get the cd done for real this time this week. probably won't get them back from the replicator until early january, but it's gonna be hot.


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