Monday, February 07, 2011

new songs up!!!

four new songs up! see the main page, if you didn't already.

DIE YOUNG - You wait by the sea, perched upon the rocks in the dead of night, waiting as he watches from afar. This yearning deep inside, for something more, a meaning, a sign, anything but oblivion, and silently he laughs. What would you sacrifice, what could you even offer? And still…what did you ever even do?

LOVE 2.0 - Keiko and Eurydice were two young girls in love, but tragedy struck when young Eurydice was killed in a terrible terrible accident. However, her parents hire super-scientists to resurrect a clone, and now Keiko must contend with a specter of love that has no memory of her or their youthful affair. Is she really even the same girl? Main title theme of Japanese Anime series circa 1982-83.

WHAT IS BEAUTY - A punchline, not a question. A surf anthem for the sharks and the jellyfish; octopus is contemplating an answer with dead stars in his eyes from the edge of the bar, in hours of grand desperation.

"HITCHHIKER" BY THE POLAROIDS - The year is 2069, and the humans had forgotten simple pleasures of the flesh. The Polaroids pay folk tribute to legendary robot rock band ANDY AND THE DROIDS, A.I. that learned how to orgasm and retaught the humans.


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