Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i am a drunk trouble maker

ohmygod. aaaaack, what a god damn night!! i really gotta not drink so damn much when i go out, cuz it makes stumbling home way difficult, all that walking up the hill and shit. plus i get way too easy when i'm that fucking drunk. fortunately, i did not go home with any random warm body, but jesus christ, i probably would have if the offer had been on the table, haha. saw a few cute guys, danced like damn drunken fool, think i had the hic-ups by the time i was walking home. even sent out a few drunken emails like a god damn idiot. not sure how assey i came off, probably...relatively assey. topped the night off by arguing with my bf in bed, oh yeah, hot stuff. and it was all my fault, yay. now i'm at dumb job number one, surprisingly, not terribly hungover...


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