Thursday, December 06, 2007

almost there

ok, so we're almost there with the fucking artwork, haha. tommi's super awesome photo collage is just about done. we've basically been copying the vibe from these dandy warhol cds i picked up a couple weeks ago that are just all filled with photo collages. anyways, it should look pretty cool. so i reckon things should be ready to go on monday morning, cuz i got the whole weekend off to get shit together to send to the replicator. it's gonna cost around $2250, which isn't too bad i suppose! for 2 cds in a fucking jewel case with lyrics and pretty pictures and such. we're going to see melt banana tomorrow night with a bunch a friends. i'm super excited, as they were fucking awesome when we saw them last july. it's at the same venue, the indepedent. i can't wait, the guitarist is fucking amazing. next on my list to pick up at evil guitar center is one of those red whammy pedal things. they seem pretty fucking sick. i've been starting to get the hang of creatively using the pedals i have, and i'd also like to get some death by audio pedals, cuz the one i have is fucking sick and loud as fuck. i've got to start wearing earplugs at practice too, cuz i tried em last night and i realized that with earplugs i could actually hear myself better when singing, it was so weird. i really wanted to go see A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS play last night (they make the death by audio pedals) at mezzanine, but i figured band practice was more important, and it was being curated by suckass live 105 with two other bands i hadn't heard of. if they had been playing last, i maybe could have made it work, but i figured, fuck live 105, i'll seem them next time they play sf, as long as it ain't a wednesday or sunday.


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