Sunday, August 27, 2006

report on the show from august 25th

the show went pretty well, i guess, we played for like 6 people, haha. we're so underground, right...

we played: count the days, my self doubt, jazz, hack, corporate rock - (then with daniel) - ambisexual, i got a mental block, the failed musician, i hate music, mediocrity, get bored, another dead queer boy.

we didn't mess up too much, so yeah. emily jane white was great, she had the audience mesmerized completely, all the locals left after our first song. raencloud was cool, really nice kid, not all his music worked the way he wanted it to, but he gave a very enthusiastic performance. i'll have pictures up later if i have time, me and tommi are going to new york city tomorrow and have like no time to get ready at all. too much to do!

we went and saw herbert last night at the mezzanine, and it was pretty boring. sounded like session musicians playing thru some tunes with no energy or chemisty. like the material was good, and all the pieces were in place, but there was no spark at all. mezzanine sucks too cuz their drinks are over priced and they keep you waiting around forever for the music to start. and the opening band of laptop losers sucked too, though they did have a heavily treated violin player wanking along to some of the more engaging tunes. but yeah, herbert live, not too good. we left during the encore cuz it dissolved into light smooth jazz fusion tradness.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

oh, our show on friday will be a fiasco

it's gonna be a disaster. we haven't fully practiced in like a week and a half, daniel is always MIA, tommi was MIA too, i can't get any new songs together, and no one is gonna come, so it's gonna be pointless and stupid. yay having a live band and playing shows, right?

been recording today. wish i could sing and play guitar better. i'm sure my roommates and fucking neighbors wished i wrote better songs too.

gary numan

we went and saw gary numan last night at the fillmore. it sucked. it was like seeing the stones or something, or so i would imagine. all he did was strike sub-trent reznor poses, i was like, he was cooler when he was a robot and not all ronnie james dio or some shit. i pissed off like his super fan who had the misfortunate to be in front of us and totally within earshot of my bitching disappointment at the retarded cheesyness. at my proclaimation that i couldn't take any of the show seriously he said, oh whatever, just shut up. so i quieted down a little, but proceeded to call out requests for songs off telekon and tubeway army. and no i wasn't the only one mocking the show. the ones that were really into the new songs though were pretty fucking freaky, cuz the new songs suck, and i have 2 out his 3 last albums (haven't broken down to buy the new one yet cuz i just don't care). but see, having just finally purchased a copy of replicas last month, i was like fuck yeah, we gotta go see gary numan, cuz i love telekon and the pleasure principle. but fucking hell i bought the tickets thru ticketmaster and they charged me over $20 in handling fees, fuck ticketmaster! i mean, i just did the same for scissor sisters tix at the warfield, which i hate cuz i always end up in the fucking balcony, but god damn, it's the fucking scissor sisters!

Monday, August 07, 2006


i'm sick, sore throat, stuck at the stupid jazz club, feel like shit, wanna go home, fucking hell.

emily jane white is gonna play the august 25th show with us at the dive bar in alameda, still looking to line up another band or two to play also. people are flakes. or lame.

had jury duty today, it was such a pathetic joke, the criminal justice system is a load of shit. like how is $15 a day for civic duty gonna compensate me for missing out on my paying job, of which i need to pay rent for some rich old lady's collection of houses and mortgages. they played us a video, it was amaterishly retarded. i didn't get picked, didn't even make it out of the main room. at the end of the session when they took attendance, people cheered when they were told that they were free to go. a fucking fine or jail term for not doing jury duty? what a load of shit. at the very least, jurors must be compensated a living wage. motherfucker's gotta fucking eat! right? $15 ain't gonna go very far.

i hate being sick, it fucking sucks. i've got a fever and i'm enduring horrible music. so lame.


me and tommi went and saw six organs or admitance on saturday night at bottom of the hill. they were pretentious and boring. one of the opening bands, citay, were really really good, in like a so uncool it's cool kinda way, really melodic with lots of layers of instrumentation playing like early 70's acoustic-esque prog rock or something.

and then last night, sunday, we went and saw peaches with the eagles of death metal opening up. the eagles singer had a pretty sweet mustache. they were cool even though the sound sucked at the fillmore. peaches was fun too, even though the audience surrounding us were like total jackoffs. her drummer samantha was pretty bad ass, chewing gum and blowing bubbles and spinning her sticks, throughly unchallenged throughout the set.