Sunday, September 10, 2006

so yeah, new york

so new york was pretty cool, i guess, we hit just about every gay bar in the city at some point during the week. the weather kinda sucked, it rained a bit, which was pretty fucking lame. spent the whole time searching for records, mainly QUEEN II, which i found on our last day for $30 at the one store that kept closing at 5pm before we could make it to it. we saw some really lame bands play at cbgb, but it was still cool to go, as we took pictures in the bathroom - i'll have to post them. the coolest clubs we went to were happy valley on are last night (which was only hampered by my drunken drama and my boyfriend's insensitivity), the metropolitian (by donnie's house), and splash and the web. the lamest shit though was the price of drinks everywhere. fucking hell i paid $7 for a 16oz budweiser at happy valley, it was fucking stupid. like drinks are almost twice as much out there than in SF! anyways, other adventures included meeting famous artist guy kehinde wiley who paints black men in royal european poses. kid has skill, but i wasn't too impressed with his gimmick, and as he foisted his tivo'd today show appearance on us (he invited us all back to his posh apartment where we drank oban whisky), i called him on the bullshit he was hustlin' at gay matt lauer. seeing his successful art and seeing some art at some various galleries (as well as famous works at the NY MOMA like salvador dali - which was so small! - and crappy picasso shit), really gave me some perspective on the art world, in that it makes even less sense than i thought. like the artist who only painted highways and airplanes was cool, oh wait no he wasn't, haha, like this shit be selling for ten grand and shit, and i'm like why? this work is shit. this one isn't. this is amateur. this one is maybe about something. but is any of it original? how sophisticated is this artwork? is it all just marketing, image, or whatever? lil' kehinde has his niche market gimmick, but for how long? were does he go from there? will he chance into another good idea of which the small market of rich art buying yuppies might again latch onto? yet further evidence of music being the most highly advanced art form, for sure. anyway, speaking of devious art, me and tommi snuck off at one point to go see the acid mothers and the ruins play, which was pretty fucking awesome and silly. highlight was the performance of smoke on the water, first as captain beefheart and then as bob dylan. finally, sound city records, about six blocks from tommi's sister's house in queens, was where we scored most of the records we got, almost all for a dollar, cuz this guy just didn't care about anything other than jazz and blues. so we got all of these early ramones albums, the first new york dolls, bunch of eighties stuff, all for a buck each, and i even found a cd copy of the first helmet album about for $2, which i hadn't heard in years. otherwise, all the music stores in new york sucked, as they were all small. they ain't got no amoeba out there, just a big ass virgin megastore, which i did not venture into. let's see, what else, times square was lame. central park was pretty. we ate hella good cuban and jamaican/soul food. new york pizza is hella over-rated, but motherfuckers drive crazy there! no one signals, and bitches be honking like hell all over. plus taxi cabs are sometimes sketchy, we had to jump out of a couple cuz they lied and didn't know where they were going and were driving in circles. but otherwise it was cool, wish we could have stayed longer, we spent the last two night in a small gay hotel, which was hella cute. so yeah. and it was warmer there. it's too fucking cold in SF.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

new york

back from new york city. a full report to follow. saw just about every gay bar in town.