Wednesday, October 25, 2006

iz my brrrfday

tommi got me a t-rex double disc best of, and come on pilgrim on cd, cuz i need my pixies updated from their worn out cassette formats.

yay me! tommi also got me a cake. i think we're gonna eat it soon and watch the new south park.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


that's the song i've been working on for the past week. did the piano last sunday at the stoop jazz club. did guitar and bass, and did the vocals yesterday. now i needs the drums...

new songs are posted up. mediocrity and get bored, cuz i don't wanna work on them anymore, they're not quite perfect, but mostly, i dunno.

making some progress. been half sick all week. this a nasty cold going around, totally weak.

we saw mew thursday night, tommi doesn't remember too much due to alcohol consumption though. i like their record, it's alright. and then we saw yo la tengo friday night. they were cool, but a bit heavy on the extended guitar freak out solos, like 3 in a row was a little tedious for me.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

no time to blog

when you work 50-60 hours a week, and the swiss bastard takes away yr internet at yr dumb ass boring job number 2 @ the jazz club. seriously, like no time at all. we be practicing like 2-3 times a week at hour rehearsal space on turk st, trying to get our money's worth out of the $275 that the guy is over charging us, cuz we're paying like half the rent when it's three bands, and we don't have first choice over the nights we get, which suck ass. but when we're there we are accomplishing something, learning to play all the songs that are gonna be on the record and stuff. somebody even slipped a note under the door the other day that said we "sound rad" which we hung up as totally dorky reassurance. as for the other bands we occasionally hear, it ranges from like some hard rock cover groups to indie noise surf and stuff like that. so pretty much we don't sound any less horrible or than loud than any of the other kids there.

as for our record, fucking hell, i've been making a real push to finish it up lately cuz i'm totally over it, and i'm tired of writing songs for its thematic, uh, themes. gonna have two new songs up pretty soon on myspace and here or whatever as soon as i run the mixes by the committee of whoever is around. they're the two new songs we worked up over the summer once we started playing the shows we uh, played during the summer yeah. as for upcoming shows, well nothing is set up but we really wanna play.

oh yeah, daniel is not in the band anymore. ever since me and tommi got back from new york daniel basically went totally awol, which is fine, he was slowing us down anyway. since then tommi and i have been able to like add 6 or so songs to our live capabilities, of course their all emo ballads, so i don't wanna fucking play them, don't know how i ended up with so much puss shit for this record, oh well, haha. been trying to sing better. we got this charisma song which is just drums and vocals, tommi fucking hates it, i'm trying to be beyonce or something. it just needs more electronic hand claps though.

gonna go record piano for a couple of the tunes tomorrow morning at the jazz club, cuz seriously, my goal is to finish this fucker already so i can write and play other songs. and i so look forward to dropping two grand on cds that will collect dust in my closet, yes! but like life is about taking risks, right? besides, it's just two grand, i can muster that with working 50-60 horrible hours a week. though i gotta pay off the current two grand that are on my credit cards in the first place, haha. anyways, just need to really record drums for like 5 songs, and then that's it. right now the record is at 15 songs and 45 minutes (this is excluding the noise thing that i don't think i'm gonna put on the record). so yeah, looking at about 20 tunes. don't know how i'm gonna sequence the fucker, cuz i have no perspective left and tommi doesn't want any, haha. and it's not like anyone is begging for any either.