Wednesday, November 22, 2006


finally we recorded drums for bitterlust. like just now. it took like 2 and a half hours, which was a breeze, though a bit longer than i originally estimated. tommi is such a good drummer. it's gonna sound rad. this song has been done for like forever, i think i started recording the first versions of it like 3 years ago, and then re-did it all like a year and a half ago. fucking gonna finish it over this weekend now!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

changing the name

been thinking about changing the band name / project name whatever, cuz tommi hates it, and is embarassed about saying to friends. really, it doesn't sit to well with me either, but i've been having trouble coming up with much to replace it that isn't like already taken or easy to acquire. i have one real good one that i remembered, but some metal band in missouri is already using it and the url is owned by someone in zimbabwe. sketchy sketchy sketchy. all the other ones i've come up with are already taken, cuz they're just too obvious, or they lose their appeal upon further contemplation and do not really fit the vibe of my crappy music. i've tried to argue with tommi that the trick is that we got to make parae the concept cool via the bluff or some such shit. tommi's super genius uncle is like, band name needs to change, it's too abstract, inaccessable. and i'm like, that's the point. but even then, people ask me, what's yr band called, and it's a bit embarassing, cuz then the next question is what the fuck does that mean? so why can't it just be the name of the band? why does it have to a separate associative connotative meaning? obviously the music is not strong enough to stand up on itself, therefore other elements must be added generated to compensate draw attraction to whatever it is we're not doing. like lights, visuals, crap, etc. because the performance is not enough. we must become kraftwerk, the knife, ming and ping, and that is more than i want to deal with. i just want to write the songs maaaaannn, isn't there someone i could delegate this too? c'mon tommi, make some visual art or something, something striking to draw attention? but this is your project, i'm just the drummer. this is the crap i have to deal with. it's lame sometimes. trying to motivate, trying not to suck, trying to create some crap quasi original, or under the guise of pretentious originality. but whatever. so i admit it, a different band name might provide some kind of help in a breakthrough, or some such shit, but another one, i just checked, is gone, already taken, an electronica band in texas. so is parae that bad? other than it is chronically mis-pronounced, in that i say it is prounounced: par ae. maybe i'll just change it to that. kinda looks neat. or par-ae. or parxae. par//ae. if adult. get to have a period, then i'm entitled to use of creative syntax also, at the very least.