Saturday, December 09, 2006


ok, so we're playing a show at El Rio here in SF (in the mission). it's January 12th, friday night. excitement! also playing are Raencloud and Dyspecific, and it looks like DJ Domino is gonna spin records for us! still looking for one or two more performers to play the event with us, hopefully with enougth people involved we can get a good turnout and fuckin' at least break even.

as for recording stuff, well, the mixing process of our grand epic tune bitterlust hit some pretty immediate road blocks, i've been pretty much procrastinating any further work for the past two weeks, as i'm not sure how i'm gonna get some parts louder, and other parts more louder. anyways, i'll probably put up a new song on the myspace in a day or two when i have some free time, right now i'm like working my dumb jobs a whole lot cuz it's the busy x-mas catering season for like another week and a half. at least i'm making some fuckin' overtime today.

we went and saw menomena last night, and they were pretty incredible, making so much sound with just three people, all live.