Sunday, January 21, 2007

pics from jan 12th

these photos by tony. we were tired, and didn't look to hot, i thinks.

Friday, January 19, 2007


feb 2 @ john patrick's pub in alameda

feb 23 @ li po lounge in chinatown!!

both shows are gonna be with raencloud, and other bands tbd.....

we're excited about the li po one...the alameda thing, not so much, cuz alameda sux. more details to come!

Monday, January 15, 2007

good not great

well, we did the damn show on jan 12th, and it was only kind of a pain in the ass. mainly cuz we got there late by like only 15 minutes, which is pretty good for us, but during the whole time it took us to load in and shit, the other bands couldn't take the fucking initiative to fucking deal with getting their own goddamn soundchecks together, instead they all be coming at me, like what do we do, and i'm like, i dunno, talk to the sound guy. long story short, i get strong armed into changing the performance order around so that loud mary ends up going fourth instead of third, when really, i ought to have had them go 2nd. really it was only the front person for loud mary that got in my face and gave me attitude and rock star ego, everyone else in the band were totally cool and very sweet. but whatever, i'm not gonna talk hella shit, cuz fuck it. anyways, michelle garcia went first, and far exceeded my expectations, and was a lot of fun for the audience. raencloud was 2nd with a full band of bass, drums, and keytar, and were killa also. dyspecific did there thing after that, and it was cool to hear there new songs. then loud mary took forever to set up and didn't hit until after midnight and basically took forever. they had a good strong turnout, an older crowd, of course they all fucking bailed after their set, so fuck them. anyways, they went way over their time allotment, which meant that our set got totally truncated, cuz we didn't end up hitting until like 1am. their audience even were calling for an encore, totally out of place and uncool, fortunately, they didn't play one. so we totally rush to set-up, and as we're about to start, the soundguy is like, so y'all have 30 minutes, then you gots to stop. he stopped us after 25. whatever, he was pretty cool and patient throughout the night, so no hard feelings, and as for me, lesson learned, i booked one too many bands. anyway, we played: get bored, i hate music, fem politique, source of my unhappiness, charisma, mediocrity, and hack. we were a bit off at first, cuz we were pretty exhausted by the time we finally went on, so we weren't quite together. originally we were gonna play mostly songs we haven't played live before, but hey, we got fucked. so we had all these friends come out and wait a million years for us to play, some of whom ended up having to bail out earlier. anyways, we felt like shit, cuz our friends waited forever and we weren't at the top of our game, cuz we was rushed and tired and shit. so we were pissed at ourselves. especially tommi took it pretty hard. it sucked. so we were just good. not great. lame. anyway, lesson learned. don't over book, make it clear to other kids before hand that they are responsible for their own damn soundcheck (which ain't at all punk rock), don't book bands off of craigslist fronted by egotist rockstar espousing bullshit that get in yr face, and most importantly, start the fuck on time. dj donimo was a real good sport for coming out and spinning tunes between sets, i feel really bad cuz the event wasn't super awesome, i didn't have drink tickets for him, and we didn't perform super awesome, so i feel like i wasted his time, even though he was totally gracious and super cool. oh well, whatever.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

jan 12

our show. jan 12. 2007. at el rio. with dyspecific, loud mary, raencloud, michelle garcia, and dj donimo. it's gonna be alright. we intend to kill. or at least not suck. plz come. for serious. if u at all know about us and have nothing better to do, plz come. i implore you! we're gonna be playing mostly songs that we ain't played live before, not that we play live much anyways, but they're a lot of new ones, and i think they sound hella good for our capabilities. plz plz plz come!