Thursday, March 08, 2007

i am a super genius

blogger was just giving me a hard time and not telling me what the problem was, but with enough dickin' around i figured it out.

we're still looking for a bass player...

and we are back!

FUCK STARTLOGIC! they are the worst webhosting company ever!! seriously, FUCK THEM! no fucking customer service, totally retarded. sitting on hold for 20 minutes, no response to 4 trouble tickets submitted online, completely useless live chat. totally fucking bullshit. do not host with them, fuck them.

so now we're hosted by a local SF server, laughing squid, yay! a bit more money for a bit less space, but fuck it, maybe i won't have to deal with the site disappearing and my email cutting out, and such bullshit, and hell maybe they'll have some tech support too!

so we found a keyboardist/guitarist. his name is colin, he's awesome. we'll post a picture when he has a haircut that he's proud of.