Wednesday, May 23, 2007


are awesome. listening to them now, is like when i first heard the pixies. why did not i hear this band until now? i found their first album on vinyl a few months ago for three bucks and was completely blown away. been picking up the cd reissues, both me and tommi are hella into it, and so is colin, who had never heard them before either. howard devoto is totally my hero.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the jinx

i knew this would happen. our bass player rachel just quit. can't commit to being in a band and stuff. it's lame. i knew this would happen, just knew it.

so we're looking for a bass player. and synth freak for august after colin leaves. maybe it's time to get a laptop and for me and tommi to learn to play to a fucking click track live. it shouldn't be this hard.

Monday, May 14, 2007

temporary quartet

so like i never followed up on my previous embittered last post. anyways, i think it was the following sunday that we hooked up with rachel, who we had played with back in 2001 in santa cruz. me and tommi had bumped into her after the man man show at the independent, and she was like, are y'all still doing music, and we were like yeah, so she was like lemme come jam with you guys. so she comes over and is like, gimme the bass, and i like had no idea she was playing bass now, i thought she was gonna bust out her sampler and shit. anyways it's been working out pretty well, she drinks beer, we drink beer, so yeah. i think the only thing that suck for her is that she lives in the east bay and has to borrow her girlfriend's car to come to rehearsal.

so we have a show coming up, friday july 20th at El Rio. i'm excited, everyone else seems to be dreading it, haha. i've gotta find bands to play with us and a way to manifest people to want to come, which is not one of my strengths. the other challenge being to pull together a set with rachel and colin.

we recorded some drums yesterday, tommi's least favorite thing to do in the whole wide world, i think. but it's a much less painful process now, and i seem to be getting a consistently decent bass drum sound. we did the drums for my salvia induced dirge, and one of the songs we've written with colin, the birthday suit song thing. they sound pretty hot. tommi hits the damn things hella good.

as for new songs with colin, well collaborating is working out a bit better now, i guess i was having somewhat of a bad attitude in my previous post. the three of us (rachel was hungover that day) came up with this cheesy ass catchy as hell pop song about a week ago. i mean, it's fucking terrible, and i just gotta find a way to sabotage it, cuz it is total bubblegum. i've been at a blank for words too! but writing the fundamentals of the song was easy as hell. it's gonna sound fucked up.