Thursday, June 21, 2007

the record

probably august or september. i wanted it done by july, but i think my plan now is to record the material we've worked out with colin before he leaves for grad school and then cull from the about 30 songs that we'll then have total. the remainder i dunno. that's the plan, saving up money. we're playing july 20th @ el rio in san francisco, with raencloud, two star spark, and the new centuries. it's a benefit for lindsay lohan's legal defense fund, cuz we all drive drunk and coked out every now and then, is it such a crime? i mean, c'mon, i once hit a dog, no harm done, right? just a stupid dog standing out in the middle of highway 9 at 2am staring suicidely into my headlights completely ignoring the insistent honking of my ever so feminine corolla car home. that really sucked. poor doggy. anyways, look for cracked out photos a la lindsay playing with the knives and such, cuz she so doesn't deserve to live, oh yeah bitch, slice up yr self loathing little wrists, oh so the drama. the show is gonna be epic.

Monday, June 11, 2007

some clarification

once again my fucking blog has gotten me into trouble. this time with colin, our synth freak. he actually started reading this damn thing and took offense to the post i wrote in the middle of april, and i don't blame him. it's lame, whenever i write crap on here, it comes across more seriously than it actually is in my head, and even though tommi tells me everytime that people can't get my sense of humor or whatnot from what i write, and even that i really ought to know better and that writing shit ALWAYS seems to get me in trouble, still i end up venting some bullshit and it comes back to me and then shit sucks. some stuff i should really set to private, cuz even though i'm trying to be very honest as to what i feel at that specific moment, it comes across as hurtful and is perhaps inapproriate for a forum such as this (which not quite no one reads). i don't know, i think colin might have actually quit the band last night. i'm sure he was considering it. whatever. having him play with us has been probably like the best thing ever. it has definitely improved our playing, it has opened me up to new ideas, and it has taught me a tiny little bit about collaborating with another person on song composition and to not be so controlling. that he's leaving totally sucks for me, but whatever, he'll probably go make some awesome movies and shit in nyc.

note, when i say something, like a song, is so cheesy it's terrible, i mean terrible in the sense it's so bad it's good. the weird thing about playing with colin is that instead of going in a more noisy type direction, the stuff we've been doing is very embarassingly poppy, which can be quite difficult to accept at times as an uptight psuedo indie hipster poser wank head pitchfork reading retard like myself. but my rule is to always try different things, so whatever. the weird thing is, before getting called on my shit last night, as we were attempting to work out this totally silly thing that probably should stay a moment of improvised cheese but damnit we're gonna make it a real song anyways, this band from downstairs came knocking on our door to tell us how awesome we are and how they wanted to meet us, which was really fucking trippy but totally cool. they was like, hey let's play a show together, and i was like, well we got a show coming up and were looking for another band, so they gave us a copy of their ep and it's pretty cool, so i think they're gonna play with us! exciting i guess at least. i still think the death metal band down the hall is cooler than us though.