Monday, July 23, 2007

report on the show last friday

it went really well, we didn't fuck up too much, and while i thought the 2nd half would be stronger, i think we actually played better during the first half, for the most part. we played:

birthday suit
on the hill
the cliche (tentative title)
get bored
susan sontag
popstar, for sure
house frau
oh tyler

we had about 30-40 friends and friends of friends come out for us, so that was pretty awesome, even our fucking housemates had high remarks for us, and they're tough little bitches to satisfy. charlie's band two star spark did a really good job opening up, and they had like 25-30 people come out for them too! the only down point in the night was raencloud showing up late and taking forever to soundcheck, some kind of issue with the banjo not being loud enough. i think what they wanted to do would have been really cool if they would have had their shit at all together, but, like i called dylan earlier in the day, and he was like oh, we're gonna get together right now and figure it out and improvise, it'll be awesome, but it really, well our friend nick was like, i want to punch that guy in the face. i think it could have been cool if it had been more worked out, but for the most part everyone either sat down and looked bored or ran to the bar or outdoor deck.

funniest thing all night, besides calling my roommate andrei a bottom on stage, was the sound guy really liked our performance, and was like, y'all want a bass player? we might give him a call when we get back into town, he was super cool and very nice, totally easy to work with.

oh yeah, the new centuries cancelled on us that morning, cuz their drummer got totally sick with some serious hospital thing, so they couldn't work out a replacement in time. that was a real bummer.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

we're playing 2morrow night!

so we're playing our one and only show with colin tomorrow night, hopefully it will be awesome and we won't fuck up too much. hopefully some people will come out. supposedly, it was maybe gonna be a benefit to the girl whose finger got blown off by a firework in dolores park on independence day, not sure if that is still happening or not, it was an idea of someone connected to the new centuries, one of the bands we're playing with. i guess if whatever promotion that guy did brings in more people, than it's a cool thing all around, my only goal is to make enough money to buy enough beer for the after party.

as for the never done record, we have a total of 8 songs that we've done with colin since he's been in the band, so right now we're in the process of recording them before he takes off to new york for grad school. basically we're gonna have a mess of 30+ songs, so i don't really know how they're gonna fit on an 80 minute cd. maybe we'll do a double? i've been saving up, and i've decided that mastering is a scam, and that i don't need to overly compress my final mixes as hot as most mainstream music of these days. as long as shit is balanced and of a consistent loudness, i should be able to pull it off, cuz i believe i have the tools to do it with digital performer. then again, the entire process may make me totally neurotic for a couple of weeks. september?

anyways, the new songs with colin are really good, three of them are his. i was kinda resistent to one of his tunes at first, cuz i'm lame, but as we've worked out the arrangement i realized that as the melody was totally stuck in my head that it was a really good song. we started recording it the other night and it sounds so cheesy retarded, it's gonna be rad, cuz it's like over the top pop, and it's really fun to play live. colin is actually really amazing at conjuring sounds out of the synth, it really sucks that he's leaving still, cuz i have no capability to operate that damn thing the way he does. we did some shit the other night, and what he does with the thing is ten times more sick than anything on that over-rated justice record that just came out. oh well. the plan for after he leaves is to finish the record, and then start new stuff that is shit me and tommi can play live, but using shitty technology to get a larger sound, cuz people just don't seem to be able to respond to our arrangements of just guitar drums and voice. so i plan on getting a sampler of some kind, and writing stuff that is based around the limitations of 4 hands, 2 feet, my hollering, and whatever we can loop in a non-boring manner.

our next show is friday september 21st at lipo lounge with ugly head.