Monday, September 24, 2007

report on the show 9/21/07 @ lipo lounge

so the show the other night went pretty well. we played: get bored, fem politique, why are you so sad?, the melodrama, inspire (slow version), the failed musician, jazz (first section), no emotion, charisma, popstar for sure, persona, bitterlust. i think that's all we played, there might have been another song in there at the end...anyways, persona is a new song, kinda fucked it up, i didn't have all of the words memorized, and they still kinda suck and need some refining. but otherwise, everything was pretty solid. good turn out of friends, who all proceeded to bounce after we played for the most part.

of the other bands we played with: tesseract7 was 2nd. they kinda had sound problems. seemed all image, couldn't hear the vocalist, she looked good like a model, but needs to eat a hamburger. uh, i don't want to be mean, a drummer and less programming would help their cause. they lost me at the NIN cover (wish). filthmilk, i watched 30 seconds of, but then decided to hang out with my friends. they sounded really cool through the floorboards, both me and tommi really wish we had watched them instead of tesseract7. they sounded very noisy and had a drummer. a friend of a friend was even their vocalist at some point in the past. ugly head went last, cuz it was their gig and they were on tour. they sounded pretty fucking massive and tight. our friend nick is the bass player, and he was pretty much responsible for propelling them forward, however credit is due to the drummer who could lay down a heavy thump over click tracked synth crap and such. i felt like the guitars, while adequately heavy and rhythmic, could have been doing more, but based on the vision of the main dude, everyone was somewhat roped in to uh, his vision. anyways, they sounded very professional, kinda like a more industrial korn, but in a good way i suppose. while some of the songs were a bit samey, their were some really heavy repetitive rhythmic tunes in the middle of the set that were very very good. couldn't really hear the vocals enough to decipher words, which was probably a good thing, thought his vocal effects between songs did sound neat. anyways, it was a fun night!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

still tweaking

still making adjustments to two of the songs. so not quite done yet. still looking for someone to master the damn thing too. we went and saw our friend Ursula's band Sugar Skulls from seattle last night, and she has a couple people to suggest, so we'll see.

so we're playing on friday, just me and tommi, duo of whatever. we're gonna play maybe 15 songs in 45 minutes. should be fun, i hope. still gotta memorize the words to the new song. anyways, i work too much, it makes me bitchy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


so the god damn record thing is almost done, i guess. we have 30 songs, of which i have 25 final mixes that hopefully don't sound like shit. i'm completely procrastinating on finding someone to master the fucking thing, cuz i'm not sure what shape it's gonna take, and i don't want to waste money on someone who says that they can master but really don't know what the fuck they're doing. then there is the whole how loud/compressed to fuck all it should be, or how much of the dynamics and shit are give up when the tunes get shredded through a fucking limiter. since figuring out how to mix properly with a 24 bit mixdown, my perspective on all of the sparklyness of the tunes has changed a bit, thus i do not want all of my over effort to end up in shiny dust covered cds that sound like shit cuz the mastering job was fucked (nor do i want to blow a shit load of money on mastering soon to be dust covered closet stored cds).

anyways, then there is the issue of what to do with all of the songs. should it be an incoherent 30 song long compilation of all the bullshit we've made over the last 3-4 years, or should it be broken down into thematic counterparts, which would entail two 40 minute albums and an ep? like any of it matters anyways? haven't done shit with the art, need to get photos taken, need to price manufacturing and shit, the only thing i have done is actually save up some money to do the damn thing. problem is i work too damn much to actually finish it already, and when i'm not working, tommi and i are frantically rehearsing for our next shows which are:

sept 21 @ lipo lounge
8pm - we're first
with a bunch of industrial goth bands or some shit, they are - filthmilk, trissecta7 (or some shit like that), and our friend Nick's band from Seattle UGLY HEAD.

then we're playing in october:

october 19 @ beale st bar/club
late, like 11:30pm
with two star spark (my friend charlie's band), and some other band, i forget their name, don't know what their deal is. for whatever reason we're going last, maybe this will be our dumb cd release thing, not that anyone would care.

i'd like to play some kind of acoustic thing at my house around halloween, also around my b-day, cuz we'll be having our annual party and such, so why waste an another opportunity to subject my friends to my mediocre musical amblings.

anyways, i need to get on getting us more shows so that there is an actual point to practicing. been trying to write new songs, which is fun and kinda easy. writing words, not so much. actually a fucking pain in the ass, cuz my life is so boring i have nothing to write about, and pretty much no imagination, nor the ability write about other things and not come off sounding like a pretentious hack. tommi said we should just go instrumental. i'd like to go artier. i guess i just have too many similiar lyrical trappings, like i feel like i'm writing songs that alanis morrisette or trent reznor would bellow, and that is clearly not what i'm going for. i need to read more burroughs.

anyways, whenever the record is done over the next month, it will at least sound fucking good, even if it sucks.