Monday, October 22, 2007

report on the fiasco last friday night

so for the show last friday at beale st bar, i pretty much had a bad feeling about it, and i guess it was my fault for having a negative attitude. basically, i'll start with the bands we played with. the first band was called wave in a cell. like wasn't gonna talk shit on these guys, cuz i really don't wanna be perpetuating my habits at talking shit, but we sat through their whole set, and they fucking left before we even started, so fuck them. they sucked ass. i mean, they could play, and they played alright, but jesus christ, every fucking song, it was like just end already! enougth with hippy dippy jammy grunge lite funk sub-incubus singing about girls bullshit. their bass player was pretty good. the drummer was barely holding it together and was uninventive. the singer/guitarist had a beard. an evil beard. i ran into jessica by the bathrooms and was describing how the band sort of almost in a way kind of sounded like the minutemen on a couple songs, but probably had no idea who they were, and then the songs would like go on forever and that they kinda sucked ass, and the singer guy came out of the bathroom, but i don't think he heard me diss his shit band. anyways, i don't wanna talk shit cuz they were good at what they were doing, which was boring the fuck out of me.

so then my friend charlie's band played, they were solid. that's all i'm gonna say.

so then we played, and we failed at having any type of sound check, and basically we started off with a new song and i could not adequately hear the electronic drums tommi was hitting, so i ended up a beat or two off, and then when the real drums came in it was a clusterfuck or trainwreck of bullshit. so i had to stop the song and start at the next part. so embarassing, and it was like, yay, first impressions and here's our new song, look we totally suck! i was really bummed cuz we had people come who hadn't seen us before, even random people i hadn't seen in years that just happened to be there, and to suck right off the bat, really bummed me out. so i had a bad/snarky attitude for the rest of the show, even though it did run out ok for the most part from there. overall i don't feel like we played that well, and that it was overall quite inconsitent. i did try to focus on singing real pretty, i just kept forgetting words all god damn night and having to adlib some shit. anyways, our friends were real supportive and said we were good, and usually they're all pretty harsh, so whatever. we played:

persona (which i fucked up), fem politique, fear of death, the failed musician, popstar for sure, charisma, get bored, inspire, oh tyler, birthday suit.

anyways, we decided that being a duo sucks, and that we have to find people to play with us, either that or we're gonna go the fucking lap-top route. so anyone wanna be in our band? we'd like to meet multi-instrumentalists and would like to find a bassist, a keyboard freak, and another guitarist. that's about it.

as for the fucking cd, it's being mastered at the moment, we're working on the art, really only the front cover has been put together in photoshop, everything else, we're waiting a bit to get some more material, cuz we want the thing to look hot.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i'm at work and i'm bored

so here i go posting on the fucking blog. well we're playing TOMORROW! should be neat. i'm hoping that some of our people, aka friends, show up, cuz if it's just everyone from the other bands, who will most likely leave before we start, and the hella drunk regulars that go to this fucking place the beale st bar, then it could prove to be hella sketch. then again, i'm not really particularily afraid of taking on a hostile audience. it's not like we have to play our fucking pretty little semi-formalist pop songs. like i got this death by audio pedal called the soundwave breakdown, and it's a nasty little pink thing. tommi isn't quite a fan as of yet, as it produces this filthy high end feedback, that perhaps i ain't hearing properly due to ear damage or am more akin to tolerating, and is totally fucking loud. i mean, they weren't kidding on the website ( that the thing is fucking loud. i like it, but it is like total chaos and fuzzed out sustain, when not totally feeding back and shit. anyways, i just ate a nasty ass hamburger, so i had a double shot of tezon tequila, sure hope i don't have the shits tomorrow, haha.

anyways, coming in fucking november, probably just in time for thanksgiving will be our epic cd which no one will care about and will proceed to collect dust in my closet. it's gonna be awesome. of all the people i've given copies to, which would be 3, i've gotten absolutely no feedback from, which means it's so totally awesome that they are in awe of my genius and can't even begin to fathom the words on which to gather the praises which are due onto me, or it's total crap and they don't wanna hurt my feelings, or didn't actually listen to it and could really be bother to seriously give a fuck, because why not get high and do some blow instead (i'm talking about my co-worker here, not you jessica, haha). but most likely it's just probably overlong and mediocre.

so here's the track list, not that it's of any signifigance to all:

portrait of the artist
the failed musician
the source of my unhappiness
i hate music
another negative sexual experience
birthday suit
susan sontag
no emotion
my resignation
count the days
the melodrama
fem politique
oh tyler
corporate rock
my self doubt
why r u so sad?
the cliche
get bored
i got a mental block
popstar, for sure
on the hill
cognitive dissonance

so yeah whatever. it's fucking all 30 songs, cuz that makes the most sense. a compilation more than any coherent statement, cuz any coherent statements i could whittle things down to just seem like they would be too overly redundent and negative. and i would just hate to be oh so negative! my heavens!

anyways, we're playing two new songs tomorrow night, they're pretty good. come to our stupid show, hear me hit the pink box and unleash the little razor blades.

Monday, October 15, 2007

and we're playing a show on friday

almost forgot, we're playing a show on friday night! beale st bar @ 133 beale st here in san francisco. we play @ midnight. playing with two star spark and wave in a cell. it's $4. i expect it to be a total fiasco. we've got new songs that we're doing too that sound amazing, or will if i can get all the damned words memorized!

and it's in the mail

so i finally mailed off the package today to get the goddamned cd mastered. it's getting done my tim from stereophonic mastering in portland oregon. i guess i went with him cuz, uh, he offered me a really good deal! i'm hopeful that it turns out ok, i mean it seems like the guy has some good credentials and has done a fair amount of stuff for some bands and labels i've sort of heard of. he gave us a freebie sampling of his work last week with one of tunes and it sound pretty damn good, so i'm hoping for the best!

we're still waiting on making a final decision on cd replication, as i don't really wanna spend a whole lot of money, cuz while i am pretty damn vain in even pursuing financing this project, i don't want to completely drain my fucking bank account. so basically my two options are, i can either get a 2cd wallet thing format for $2000, or i can go with a 2cd jewel case with a 4 page booklet for about $2200. so i really don't like plastic jewel cases, i feel like they're ghetto and break a lot. digipaks are ok, but they are like way more expensive to do for some damn reason, probably all the fucking gluing involved or some shit. anyways, thoses damn jewel cases always be braking and shit, so i'm kinda like fuck that shit. so i'm leaning towards doing this real bare-bones wallet type thing where the cds just slide in and out of the card-board. i would like to have the lyrics included, but if that means another thousand bucks, then really i gotta say, fuck 'em. i asked nick, our roommate, if he thought lyrics were important, and he was like, yeah, but only if they're really good, cuz if they're shitty, you don't wanna draw attention to them. so while i'd say that the quantity of shitty lyrics with in the 30 songs is prehaps quite low, i believe i'll have to make do with just posting them on the website. and the thing is, i thought to myself, while i always do like to find lyrics within a cd booklet, i like totally never ever read them. unless i'm like really high and trying to decode the meaning of scott walkers the drift, that's really the last time i can recall reading a booklet seriously in any manner for more than 5 minutes.

so we saw boris play last night, that was pretty fucking awesome, they're drummer is totally a dreamboat rockstar. hell, they were all fucking rockstars, it was fucking rad and loud as fuck. the audience was totally like whatever though. i mean i expected moshing, but nope. i mean i fucking hate moshing, but shit this audience, which was close to sold out, could barely applaud and holler for shit, and these guys were playing pretty accessable rocking stuff for most of their set. even the dronier stuff was like pretty accessable, i don't why people were so like blah. maybe they all had a cold like i do too. fucking sucks, i hate being sick. the openers, damon and naomi were totally blah fucking boring. i guess i'd still be interested in checking out galaxie 500 at some point, but this shit was blah. i remember i have a luna cd somewhere that i got at 25 cent sale and listened to twice, and it was way more interested that the shit i heard those two do last night. i mean, they seemed very serious, but it all sounded the same, and it was seriously boring. boris fucking rocked though!