Monday, November 26, 2007

and the battles never end

and now, this time, the cd replication plant i had almost chosen to use pulling some bullshit by giving me a crap quote. ya see i was shopping around, and this place called amtech in canada was apparently gonna give me the best deal, but this weekend, upon getting everything together, i shot them an email just to confirm the quote they gave me was accurate and to get a total estimate cost for my project, and lo and behold, the rep had fucked up and only quoted me a price for a 1cd replication order, even though my original email to them clearly stated that my project was gonna be 2 fucking cds. so they be like, oh sorry, our bad, that's gonna be another $600. whatever. i mean, i might still use them, but that brings the total estimated cost of the damn things from $1800 up to $2400, plus the $600 i spent on mastering already (got those back today, yeah!) and that's a shit load of coin. i was really hoping to keep the replication costs under or around $2000, and i could probably still do that if we change direction and go the jewel case route. but, i really hate shitty plastic jewel cases, especially 2cd ones that break all the fucking time ever so easily, they're balls, balls i say. anyways, so i gotta spend another week re-examining our options, probably re-doing all the fucking artwork, and all that shit. totally lamerz. in other news, we got the photos back from the photoshoot, they're pretty cool i guess, like tommi looks good, but i'd say i look gawky and fug in about 2/3rds of them. i'm convinced that i now need collagen in my lips, rhinoplasty for my over-sized schnazz, lipo for my beer gut, a chemical peel and shaving for my face, something must be done about the bags under my eyes too! so there are couple good ones, we're gonna run them by the committee at my house and try to get a general consensus opinion on which one to use. like there is one that i like where i'm actually genuinely smiling, but i'm like, should we use that one, since the music is so angry, despondant, and bitter, would it really match up to use a pic where i'm flashing a million dollar smile? fuckin' tommi being all pretty and shit, it ain't fair.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

updated the website

so i finally made some updates to the website and posted the cover for the new cd, which i will probably tweek the colors of a little bit. anyways, supposed to get the photos back tomorrow, and then hopefully get the master on monday and have shit in the mail to the replication plant by wednesday or thursday, but it'll all probably get delayed and shit, cuz i suspect i got a bogus quote from them and just sent off an email asking them to confirm that the quote they gave me is for 2cds. anyways, whatever, the artworks has come together quite nicely, so i think we'll have some fine looking beer coasters to sell here pretty soon. we played with a bass player (and the synth player) on wednesday. i'm really excited, hope they don't flake out, cuz it all really has super potential.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


so we did a photoshoot yesterday with this girl named molly that we had met at a scissor sisters show like a year ago. she had done some photos with tommi a month or so ago, so after seeing her work, we decided to get some real band photos done all professionally. it was cool, she was really good at directing me, cuz i get all freaked out on camera, and my fucking nose is too big. anyways, after that, we went and saw prong play at annie's social club, which was a lot of fun. we ended up getting totally drunk on beer, cuz there were like way too many opening bands, and then they played for like two hours. i was so drunk that i was actually dancing and shit like in the pit, except the pit kinda dissapated after i got in cuz i was like y'all don't wanna bump into me, i'm wearing hella pointy spikes on my wrists. anyways, after the show we said what's up to the bass player cuz it was his birthday and tommi had bought him beer, and he was super cool, so yeah, i've totally fucking hungover all day, it sux. but it was a rad show and tommi had good time too.

Monday, November 12, 2007

mastering is done

ok, so the fucking thing is mastered now, yay. i'm just a waiting to get it back. in the mean time we're working on finishing up getting the damn artwork together. we still gotta take a "band photo" thing, which we think we have a pretty cool concept for, hopefully it will turn out not looking totally retarded. anyways, the record is now gonna be called META AMBIGUE.