Monday, January 28, 2008

crack fights on 6th street

ok, so like last night we're going to practice, and we're like lets stop at the taqueria on the way. so corey being already kinda drunk or something opens up my car door and slams it into a metal bike rack thing, cuz he's a drunk clumsy fool. but it's cool, cuz whatever, like my car can get any more fucked up looking? so anyways, as this happens and he gets out of the car, this white late 20s looking speed head junkie whatever is like, "crack?" and corey's like, no thanks i don't do crack. and the guy is like no, you cracked the door. and corey's like whatever, no thanks. and so we're starting to walk off and the guy is like, no you look like you smoke crack, you skinny ass little faggot or whatever. and corey is like, fuck you whatever, yr the crack head trying to sell me crack. and the guy is like, fuck you i kick yr fucking ass right now right here. and we're like walking away, like whatever dude, fucking crackhead junkie loser. so we go into fuckin' taqueria cancun and i'm starting to order, and motherfucker has done followed us in and is like hollering in the doorway, fuck you little bitch i'll fight you right now, and corey is like, all right, let's do this. and the guy comes at him and corey is like dude i'm not trying to fight you, but then the guy is throws a punch and corey dodges, and it kinda turns into some kinda slap fight or some shit cuz this street junkie can't really fight, but still he's on corey so i'm like jumping around hollering yelling, hey junkie dude, fuckin' stop fighting, fuckin' back off - when what i really should have done is grabbed him from behind and pulled him to the ground. but i'm not really a fighter and i don't know my shit. anyways, by this point corey has gotten some fuckin' brass knuckles on and says he got a couple light punches to the head of this junkie fool's head. the best the tweaker could do is get light poke jab at corey's eye, and he was fine, not even red or swollen. so at this point customers and staff are like, oh shit, and i'm like goddamnit, i gotta call the cops, but then this black guy comes in and pulls the junkie off of corey, and everyone is basically on corey's side cuz he's way smaller and didn't throw the first punch or anything, and like the black pulls the junkie off and is like whatever guy, you won, you won, just get out and leave. so he fuckin' leaves and that's about it. this older latino queen was like to me, hey you should have grabbed that guy, don't let him call no one a faggot, and i felt real bad for not jumping into the middle of it, but corey insists that he had the situation covered and that he would have only needed help if he ended up on the floor. but i still felt bad, i could have grabbed the guy and slammed him to the ground or something, i guess. anyways, the whole rest of the night corey is like, i can't believe i got into a fight on 6th street and yay i got to use my brass knuckles, over and over calling all of his friends. so that was some real bullshit, and it was too bad tommi missed out while visiting the liquor store, cuz y'all don't wanna try to fight tommi. but so yeah, what an awesome neighborhood we rehearse in, at least it's gotta a great taqueria and cheap tasty vietnamese food.

still bummed about the print job on the cd, but fuckin' trying to move past it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

fucking artwork

so it turns out more of the artwork on the cd is fucked up due to my ineptitude with photoshop and the cd replicator's art department failure to catch these issues with printing. i really feel like i should been offered a FINAL PROOF from THEIR PRINTER, as everything i signed off on showed new signs of being fucked up. i've sent off an email to the company registering my displeasure with this situation, and have yet to hear back. anyways, it's basically an matter of having to learn a lesson the hard way, after spending a lot of time, effort, and $2300 worth of fucking money. i don't know if i would work with this company again for the next cd. i get the feeling that in addition to farming out the actual cd replication to another company (instead of doing it in-house), they also farmed out the printing of the inserts. if so, that's fucking lame, what kind of company is this if they don't even doing anything in-house besides act as a middleman taking my money and my order. but what i have learned is this - for every future project we do i am going to have to see hard copy print of all artwork from exactly where it is being printed so that this kind of mistake doesn't happen again. i also think i spelled colin's last name wrong. sorry colin, i suck! anyways, so far we have sold a grand total of one cd, and given a handful away, so we're totally rock stars now.

Monday, January 21, 2008

and the CDs are finally here!

and you can now get at one or ten of 'em, should you want! they'll make fine beer coasters too. they look pretty damn good, even though it turns out that we did screw a couple of things up with the artwork, but they're pretty minor issues. otherwise they all look pretty damned fantastic, so like if you've been paying attention to us, then y'all should like buy some or something so that we can make another one soon!

and our cd release show is MARCH 7th @ EL RIO - with VIOLENT VICKIE and TWO STAR SPARK. it's gonna be pretty cool, i mean totally awesome!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

cd release show

oh yeah, and i forgot to say, our cd release show is gonna be on March 7th now, still at the fabulous EL RIO, one of the best bars/clubs in san francisco. each time we've played there it's been a blast, so we're totally stoked that they're having us back again. it'll be epic and loud as fuck.


ok, so i got word that the goddamned cds are finally coming on monday, so yay! once again, hopefully they won't be fucked up looking or make me like totally cringe and shit, so yeah, buy one, in honor of the economy melting down and going to shit, fuck yeah!

Monday, January 14, 2008

adventures with thao and old shit

so like on saturday night, me and tommi and jerry all went to go see thao play at cafe du nord. we met her about a month or so ago cuz she is dating a friend of ours who me and tommi have known since college. anyways, we were all super excited to go to the show, and i was gonna get advance tickets, but i was like, fuck it, it won't sell out, her record ain't even out. anyways, a big group of us all get to the club at about 11:30pm, and guess what, it's fucking sold out! and we're like fuck! this sucks :(

so she comes out, and our friend that she is dating is on the guest list, and she is able to get two more of the five of us onto the guest list, so i'm like, heidi and jamon, y'all go in, just go ahead. so they go in and thao is like, hey walk over to the swedish american hall door and i'll try to sneak y'all in. so i'm like ok, it's a plan. so i see come towards the door from the inside, and as she cracks open the door and we're about to slip in, a security guard who we hadn't noticed is all like, hey whatcha doing, you can't go in there. and i'm like, oh i'm just giving my friend who's performing a hug before she goes on, oh we're totally innocent, haha. so she goes back in, and we're like, damnit, foiled again. so we're all dejected and bummed at this point, so we're like, well fuck it, might as well bounce. anyways, right as jerry is unlocking his bike, the main bouncer and door guy calls us over and tells us that he now has room for eight more people (cuz some people filtered out), and we're like fuck yeah! tommi even tips the dude $10. so we get in get our beers, squeeze up towards the near front and the show starts. it was a cool show. i haven't heard much of her recordings, other than what's on the internet, and i thought that the some of the tunes i'd heard were a little to cleanly produced (in that i think a little more grit would be nice), but live it was just her on acoustic guitar and vocals and a most excellent drummer that she had recruited. so yeah, live, she was fucking rad. really good stage presence, like a pro, and tommi said the lyrics were really good (i wasn't paying attention to the words so much, i was mainly listening to the guitar finger picking and drum breakbeats). anyways, it was a cool show, and we got to say what's up after the show, jerry even got his cd signed, he was stoked.

anyways, right at the end of the show, tommi gets a text from our room mate's girlfriend saying that something terrible has happened, and i'm like, oh shit, they done burnt down the house. turns out, they almost did! apparently, tommi had left a candle out that was pretty much on it's last legs in the smoking room and jessica had lit it cuz the light had burnt out in the room. anyways, she forgot about it and was passing out with bildo, and basically daniel happened to walk into the kitchen and was like, hmmm, it's smokey in here and discovered the fire raging our small bookcase in the back room. anyway, he had his man quickly managed to put the fucker out and we managed to escape without any damage to the house, just some books got charred and shit. and i was like, thank goodness all of our musical instruments are mostly at the rehearsal studio. so yeah, it was kind of a close call! i'd be bummed to lose all of my cds and records and shit! (even though they are a bitch to move!)

so today i spent the afternoon backing up and making copies of my old ass recordings and updating the website a bit! thru the power of paypal, i made some new order/purchase buttons for acquiring our new cd thing that actually ships from the manufacturer tomorrow! so i should have the bloody things by friday or saturday, so oh happy day. anyways, i was backing up some copies of my first three collections of terrible terrible songs, and in the process i kinda sorta gave the stuff a cursory listen, and damn, i have very much sucked for years and years and years! oh my god, i was like, this stuff is shit. well not all of it, but i was like damn, why did i have such shitty lyrics with such dumb rhymes? i mean, some of it kind of impressed me, i guess, i was like, oh i was that noisy? my fake beats haven't really held up too well. i also surprised at how murky some of the production was. but mainly i just couldn't remember or relate to whatever the fuck i was trying to do 8-10 years ago. oh well, at least i got some more copies stored away now, should anything happen, aside from the house burning down. maybe when we hit the big time that crap will go on the boxset. anyways, mainly from listening to the tunes i just kept thinking, why wasn't my subject matter more mature, and my singing and guitar playing better? i mean, i really half assed vocals for way too long, at least now i'm pretty much comfortable singing and shit or whatever. and i can hit the high notes. i couldn't believe how much of the vocals were in my lower register and generally weak and empty soudning without any feeling. fucking lamerz.

anyway, if you read this damn blog, buy a cd, so that we can make another one in a year. it'll definitely be better than this one, which is definitely better than all the old shit i archived earlier today. really, i promise! there's only a couple of clunkers.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

we are not a gay band

in that, we are not a specifically queercore oriented project. it's kind of annoying to hear kids we know who really ought to know better to be totally reductive and answer the question: what kind of music is it? - and say, of it's like gay or something. and not the middle school gay, but to be all like we are defined only or predominately by our sexuality and gender, and at time less ambiguous lyrics. whatever. like, unless someone were to say like, oh they're gay like junior senior, like i can get down with that. junior senior is some sick pop shit. crazy manic happy pop music is some shit, like andrew wk, it's fun to listen to on occasion. just to be reductively reduced to like, oh it's queercore is annoying. like there is a long lineage of iconic queer artists that we are blatantly stealing from and inspired by god damnit, so whatever. this is a dumb post. i'm super bored and at work again. hammond organ night...whoo. apparently tommi feels a lot of pressure to drum real good. i'm like, tommi, yr like the best drummer ever, it's not that big a deal to be so flashy or miss a beat, and you don't always have to be putting pressure on yrself to impress everybody when they already think yr awesome already. i mean, i've started really paying attention to drums in music i listen to now, whereas i used to generally kind of tune them out, or whatever, and like drums in pop music is like really really boring. i mean, overplaying can be hell of fucking annoying and distracting too, that first fall cd i have is fucking unlistenable because of that damned drummer, but really what the world need more of is definitely more keith moon, that's for sure. cuz i don't even get the appeal jon bonham. like maybe i ain't heard enough zep, but his shit is hella boring for being so highly coveted and influential and shit. i mean, i'm just not hearing it. but really, i couldn't even be bothered to listen to zep if i don't have to, cuz once thru in thru the out door was enough hackery for me. can believe i have like 2 dollar copies of that shit album, haha.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


ok, so i got word last friday from the cd replicator that the damn things would be shipped off on january 15th. not sure why it has taken so long, but i guess they must have had some kind of holiday break going on or something. anyways, i'm really hoping that they don't come out all fucked up, with the cut off on the printing, or the colors looking fucked up, or me finding an obvious typo that i missed. mainly i'm hoping it doesn't come out looking all hella fucked up, cuz that would be a real drag. anyway, i should have the damn things by january 22 or so, so yeah, if anyone reads this, wanna buy one? they'll make mighty fine beer coasters! and it's a two for one special, why you get a whole extra cd with 15 bonus tracks, oh yeah...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

stuck at the jazz club again

and good god is the music terrible tonight! serious midi abuse on all fronts. it's supposed to be a hammond organ night, but instead it's a korg and yamaha organ night. it's like 1986 all over again. the guy even explained to the audience what MIDI is, and it was fucking surreal, though not as surreal as the hug this stranger greeted me with instead of the much more standard handshake. like hey, i'm gonna hug the soundguy hello! whatever.

band thing is going alright, still waiting for word on the cds. now i'm like why did i even get the damn things made, they're gonna come out fucked up looking, and i'll never get rid of more than ten of them. it's a daily battle. i really should have parred it down to one disk and saved $600. i'd really like to be buying a new laptop computer and saving some money instead of being like totally broke and shit. the guys in the band wanna re-record some of the tunes that are on the cd, so i'm thinking we might do a live in the rehearsal space session or something. i dunno, corey would really like to do a 7" at some point, though i'm a bit leary of spending another big chunk of change on boxes of plastic/vinyl that will generally end up sitting around collecting dust. anyways, a laptop would nice, it'll make recording more portable and easier, that's for sure.