Thursday, February 28, 2008

you better come out to our show!

cuz watching the clips on youtube just won't be the same. it's gonna be awesome, everybody is on board, and we should have are shit together. and if not, it'll at least be hella entertaining to watch us crash and burn! corey and jerry are the bestest! cuz even though having a band can be a bit of a pain in the ass, it's better than having no band at all. i dunno how we ever managed to play show with just the two us. our shit is gonna be so fucking loud!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

trying to pull it all together

so as to not suck.

so here we are again making a last mad dash towards a show, and like are we like totally ready? well i dunno. our last practice was a disaster, but i guess disasters happen sometimes. had to cut one of the new songs, cuz it just isn't working at all for me, and everytime we play it corey looks hella bored on bass, so there just isn't enougth time to ret-con it. so all the songs are gonna be in 4/4. and a bunch are in the key of A, which is really weird. there are a couple in E too. but 4 songs in A seems like a lot or something. i probably shouldn't pay so much attention to those kinds of things. i think we have the potential to put on a good show, and it sounds like some kids are actually gonna show up, so i'd hate to fuck up too badly. i suppose as long as no one gets too nervous or shit. anyways, we still got some songs to get down, and corey picked a t.rex song to cover, so we gotta make that not sound like karaoke.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

myspace whore

so i've finally given in and decided to whore the band out on myspace by adding and adding and adding "friends". i had really resisted this for a long time, cuz it's just really so lame, but i've come to the conclusion that i'm gonna need to be a bit more ruthless in fighting to get whoever to pay attention to this music thing. and i guess it seems to work for some people on occasion. i suppose that if 10,000 people get added and at the very least one person bites and likes whatever we're doing, then that makes it worth it or something. but for now, i suppose i'll limit the whoring to profiles that are friends with band members. if anything, this project gives the appearance that we might not be total nobodies, and as everybody know, appearances are everything. to bad our cd artwork is fucked up. check out my review of cravedog on yelp!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

update from jazz hell

ok, here we are again, at the jazz club, bored as hell, working a double. omg, got 2+ hours to go before i'm free to go home and do it all over again tomorrow, fucking lamerz. at least the music isn't total shite tonight, just kinda innoculous and wanky, whatever. anyways, let's see, we've moved just about 40 of the cds out of the house into the wide world, of which we have sold a grand total of one. it's fucking rad. i mean, whatever. anyway, we got our show coming up, that's exciting, just trying to get everyone on board with a set together, bass boy had a taco bell vomiting episode last sunday, so he uh, missed out. how any vegeterian can eat 3/4 of a taco bell buritto before realizing it has meat in it is kinda beyond me, so yeah. anyway, like we got seven songs we can play real pretty decently, and i would like to have 12, so that's 5 practices left to pull that together, but i think we can do it and not suck too hard.

we might have a show get confirmed in april, hopefully we'll find out soon. need to make more of an effort to book stuff later on too. daydreaming about doing a guerilla tour in july, would probably involve a fair amount of credit card debt, not sure where or who we'd play to outside of seattle, nyc, la, and a hippie commune in tenneesee.

i was sick for the past few days. fuck being sick. watched lots of movies, best one was me and tommi watched the warriors last night which we had never seen before, and it was pretty fucking awesome.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

promotional tactics

like how the fuck? i don't even know. is there a hand book? maybe if we were any good it would help, right? so like whatever, we're playing a show. trying to get some more set up. how to get press when no one gives a shit, an unique and common delimma. perhaps the next record should be all about that! like failure on an entirely different level of meta-ness. anyway, whatever.

i keep having to remind our bass player that we are not a gay band. i think he's secretly become embarassed by us. i'm not sure. he's really great, except for when he's drunk, then he's kind of a pain in the ass, but in a cute way.

jerry is really hungry, hungry for some kind of way out, much as i am, but probably more so. i'll be really bummed if everyone decides to give up after a couple more months. i think the show will go well, even thought we really only have at the moment seven songs that we can play. i'm trying to write new material, but i don't really have a whole lot of time and inspiration. things seem to just come a lot slower to me these days, it's annoying. jerry has a backlog of songs that we could do, but is somewhat reluctant to share them. corey says he has stuff, but he's not ready to share them, or he's embarassed or something. both of them have come at me with like a song each, and i'm like ok, let's work on them, but so far we haven't really given it to much of a push. i guess i better give 'em a kick in the ass, cuz they're good songs, and a bit different from something that i would write on my own, which is a good thing, cuz i'm all about diversification. i just seem to be hitting some kind of obsessive writers block, cuz i was trying to come up with stuff the past couple of days, and i feel like the pieces are there, but i can't fit them together or envision who the arrangements should sound. and them i'm like stressing on what the sound of the band is gonna sound like, like is it too similar to other things, or is it not creative enough, stupid shit like that. i guess i gotta just delegate and go with it, or something, and hope that things turn out ok. i just feel like we're not spending enough time working and playing, but i don't think anyone wants to do three days a week.

Monday, February 04, 2008

i gots a belly ache

ok, so here's are monday night check in, cuz i'm stuck at the jazz club, bored as fuck, and i gotta belly ache. it sucks. i was stuck at an excel computer learning class all day and drank hella weak ass coffee, and it seems that the caffeine, which i'm really kinda allergic to, finally kicked in and made me shit a bunch and now has given me a fuckin' tummy ache. the wine i'm drinking probably ain't helping, but fuck it, i need something to blur the time by here at this monotonous noise of horns and shit. anyways, i'm really trying hard not to go ahead and write the "fuck cravedog" post, cravedog being the company that manufactured (i.e. outsourced apparently the whole job) our cds with the janky print job. no really, i suck at photoshop, but god damnit what am i paying you $2300 for if y'all can't catch all my mistake or at the very least give me a hard copy proof from the actual printer for, oh i dunno, tangible physical reference? and couldn't you at least be bothered to reply to my email of displeasure, and maybe not take a week to get back to me via phone, and then not return my phone call after i miss that call and return the call? fucking amatuer hour, i swear to fucking god. anyways, i need to try calling them again tomorrow, cuz we needs a resolution. anyways, i need to get a bunch of the damn cds (which are now in fact collecting dust, as anticipated) and send them out to get some press and shows. fucking bitch it all is. oweeeee, my god damn belly hurts. i think i have an ulcer or some shit. maybe it's tequila shot time...i had some kinda weird chicken cactus burrito earlier today for lunch, it wasn't very good.