Saturday, August 09, 2008

assorted recordings

so we're recording our record thing. right now, we really only have six new songs that we can play. we each individually have enough material, like another six or ten songs...just getting everyone on the same page is kinda tough. it's really kinda hard to focus on new material with five people in the band at once. anyway, as for the recording, it's going pretty well i guess. drums are done for five songs, synth for three, bass on two (we were gonna do more bass the other day, but corey fucked up his finger somehow while wrestling with his friends...i don't know either...) i did guitar and vocals for don't you wanna play with me on thursday, so that one just needs lead guitar and it's totally a hit single.

nick's black metal record is still being mixed. i've got rough mixes for 6 out of the 7 songs, though they all still need more work, mainly with getting the drums to sound right at the proper levels of compression. basically, he wants the guitars to be really fucking loud, so that's what i'm trying to give him, really fucking loud guitars. but i don't want the drums to be completely buried, otherwise it'll just sound like total guitar wankage.

also on thursday night i started recording four songs for two star spark, my friend charlie's pop rock band. this went really well, we managed to record all the drums in 45 minutes, cuz elliot was able to do each song in one take, with just one overdub of a section total. he really had his shit together and impressed me. and he's a very dynamic drummer too. after that we did all of the bass, and then a few flourishes of keyboards. so all that's left to do are charlie's guitars and vocals. i think it's gonna come out really nice. i honestly wasn't terribly impressed by the tunes from the scratch demo tracks we had done, but once we started tracking the drums and bass, the songs really came alive and are definitely gonna sound really cool.