Tuesday, September 09, 2008

sept 4th @ the stork club

gonna make this short cuz i'm not feeling to good right now, kinda sickly. anyway, we played:

fem politique
don't you wanna play with me
birthday suit
fear of death
the escapist
anal fixation

thought we played more than that, but i guess we decided to quit while we were ahead. it was really hot and sweaty, i even took my shit off. we were getting electrocuted by the stage equipment like a motherfucker, i could feel current going through my arm whenever i held onto the microphone, and corey got shocked real bad a couple of times when he bumped into me. good thing we were drunk! i thought we played really well, consistently full of energy throughout, no trainwrecks. balanced sound - not so much. i was really unhappy with my guitar sound, way too trebly. i had just gotten my amp back, and then i let the other bands borrow it cuz their amp blew a tube or something. so my settings were all fucked for a club. we ended up with a soundboard recording of the show. turns out i was over singing again, but at least mostly in key. there were no stage monitors to speak of, so we could barely hear vocals on stage. anyway, we ended up playing last, cuz the bands that invited us wanted to go first. none of their people stuck around for us. and my coworkers and boss that came all had to leave before we started playing around midnight. fortunately corey's gang of richard, gilbert, and david were with us and they were a lot of fun!

anyway, since the show, me and jimo have been doing a shit load of recording everyday. we're moving full speed ahead on the record, so perhaps it might actually be close to finished around my birthday after all! we now have five songs pretty much all recorded, and just did drums last night for two more.

Monday, September 01, 2008

new song up

at the myspace - don't you wanna play with me? pretty good, maybe almost final mix. oh i hate mixing, thank goodness jimo is here to help!

oh and we're playing the stork club in oakland this thursday sept 4th!!