Monday, December 29, 2008

ciao jerry!

jerry has left the band. it's all very amicable. both he and the rest of us had come to the decision that it was time to move forward as a four piece without him. we all value his contributions over the past year and wish him well and all that shit.

anyways, we're super excited about moving forward as a four piece. figure it'll be easier keeping everyone on the same page and also aid in having a more coherent live sound with less shit going on the whole goddamn time. jimo and i will be splitting keyboard duties as necessary rather than try and find a replacement. we reckon that four people is a good amount for a band to have, as it was, five just seemed to be a bit too much noisy sound. we plan to be A LOT more productive, with writing and recording, primarily getting the 2nd half of the new record figured out. we have like a half dozen songs that have just been sitting around, so we're ready to move!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

videos up!

videos r up from the show last friday!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

post-partum bloody xmas

so we did a show last night at el rio here in san francisco. we called it our bloody x-mas. there were 3 and a half bands, and there were supposed to be drag queens, but that didn't work out, unfortunately. tommi and i did bake a cake. a red velvet devil cake! anyway, we played with 123picnic, Deeper, and Corey's side band the Wildmen, with Walter Crasshole DJing.

123picnic and Deeper were really really good. Super glad to have played with them, hope to do so again in the future! we really tired to make the event a real party, Kristy from Deeper even brought balloons. unfortunately they ended up tied down due some policies at the venue or whatever. i dunno, they seemed unduly strict at the club last night, but whatever. like there was some drama at the end of the night with an ID, and it was just retarded. i really did not have the patience to deal with it.

anyway, we played:

do you wanna mess around?
birthday suit
don't you wanna play with me?
the escapist
fear of death
undercover lover
fem politique
mongoloid (devo)
anal fixation

highlights included, my beloved pink furry guitar strap breaking after the first song!, constant electrocution from Corey's vintage Vox amp which isn't grounded!, Corey striping down into his underwear!, and the random dancing underwear guy in the audience! yeah, you missed! however, we did get the whole thing on tape. Nick was kind enough to film us, so all that good stuff will be going up on youtube so you can see why you should absolutely come to our next show - where we may be an even better band!

until then, we're taking a break until the end of the year, and then we're gonna finish recording the new album in January and get some more shows line up shortly after that!