Thursday, February 19, 2009

report on the show at kimo's for tommi's b-day last night

we got fucked up. it was tommi's birthday yesterday, and we all had a bit too much to drink before we played. so had the audience apparently, and they seemed pretty forgiving, haha. new killer daze, the band we share our practice space with, played first, and they were cool. i thought the sound guy should have mixed the vocals a little higher, but they were tight sounding, had a smoke machine and some imitation pyrotechnics which were fun. dadfag played second, and they were a lot of fun, i'm glad they played with us! we played:

don't you wanna play with me? (was kinda fucked up, but generally held together)
birthday suit (i invited jerry to come onstage and play with us, and corey was like SIKE! just kidding - and then i couldn't stop laughing the whole song)
the escapist (we didn't fuck this one up, yay!)
you don't love me anymore (somehow this came across alright too!)
do you wanna mess around? (we were a little shaky on this one, fucked up a transition)
dead flowers (corey's guitar was WAY too loud - oops!)
i was a teenage werewolf (cramps cover - i remembered all the words! went well for a song we learned less than a week earlier)
fem politique (smashed through this one)
sing pretty or die! (best thing we played all night...though i don't know if i was on key towards the end, couldn't hear shit in the monitors)
anal fixation (played this cuz we were nervous about the ending on persona, so we cut it. instead we fucked up the ending on this one, ha!)

anyway, it was a fun night, but load out was a real bitch, and it took like forever to get home. lots of our friends came out, yay!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

report on the show at thee parkside last night

so we finally played thee parkside last night. it came about when a week or so ago, and old co-worker of mine from the jazz club, Patricia, called me up and asked if we wanted to play a gig with her new band and a friend of her's that would be stopping though town while on tour. anyway, her new band, We've Been Robbed, played first. a bit of a mix of 90s alterna-indie rock, their first song reminded me a lot of the breeders. it was their first gig, and they had only just found a drummer a few days prior. but they were good, showed lots of potential once they get their sound tight!

we played second, our set was:

don't you want to play with me?
do you wanna mess around?
dead flowers
fear of death
sing pretty or die!
mongoloid (mangled and fucked up)
the escapist
you don't love me anymore
birthday suit
anal fixation

we started off real strong, btw this was our first show as a quartet. nick and jessica were at the show and nick was like, wait what bands is this? during the 2nd and 3rd songs. dead flowers is a new song that corey just wrote less than a week ago, and we're gonna fast track recording it in the next couple of days before he gets bored of it, haha. anyways, we were doing alright, but kinda stumbled through the bridge of our other new song, sing pretty or die! then david in the audience was like, play mongoloid, and so corey started the riff, and off we went even though we had already decided we weren't doing it cuz jimo didn't remember the chords and i couldn't remember all of the words. it was kind of a sucky rendition. anyway, we came back strong for the rest of the set and then got the hell off of the stage. c.gibbs played last and he did his folk type thing with acoustic guitar, a fuzz pedal, a looper, and some kind of wood block he hit with his foot to make a bass drum sound. he was really good! i mean the lyrics i didn't really pay attention to, but the guitar playing was very good and fun to watch. he was a super nice guy too.

anyway, our next show is in two weeks at kimos on tommi's birthday. we're playing with DADFAG and New Killer Daze (who we share our rehearsal space with). it'll be fun i think!