Saturday, April 18, 2009

herrachick show

well we played a show and scared off half the audience by the first song again. fucking people 21+, they've just heard and seen it all already, haven't they? we were pretty noisy. i don't think we made much of an effort to properly soundcheck our acoustics to the wetness of the room at the eagle. it all definitely sounded pretty washed out from where i was on stage. whereas the band before us, aim low kid, they had a much cleaner sound than i had anticipated based off of their myspace jams. whatever. they played for like an hour or something...i hollered and cheered for them to warm up my voice, which pretty much blew out 3/4 of the way thru our set, cuz i couldn't hear shit. anyway, we played:

do you wanna mess around
don't you want to play with me
the escapist
eve white/eve black (siouxsie cover)
fem politique
dead roses
statement of intent
anal fixation
sing pretty or die
teenage werewolf (that fucking cramps cover, which we failed to even complete cuz we were pretty drunk and the guitars were totally out of tune, haha. a total fucking abortion)

anyway, it was a successful show i guess, cuz we got hella paid, so yay, more funds for the record, i guess. but the whole thing left me kinda bummed. the other guys seemed fine with everything, i dunno, i guess i was expecting something more? everyone at the eagle seemed cool and nice, except for one douchbag patron in leather who bitched about having to pay cover as we loaded in and shot us some nasty words. so we dedicated dead roses to him.

Monday, April 06, 2009

moving along

so we think we've finished mixing the song that has been a total pain in the ass. not sure if it's any good though. we're sitting on it for a few days and soliciting some opinions on it for the time being.

gonna record the next one later this week at some point. it's called statement of intent, jimo wrote the music and i did the words. it's very riff driven and is my usual musician based meta commentary style horseshit. we may try to record it live (and just overdub my vocals), as it's another under two minute barn-burner.

our next show is april 15th @ the eagle tavern here in SF. it's $10, or $5 if yr in drag, 21+ and we play around 11:30pm. come out!!