Sunday, May 17, 2009

2 shows, one week

so we played 2 shows this past week. the first one was opening up for two star spark at their cd release show. not a good show for us. we fucked up persona and it turned into an argument onstage between me and corey. wasn't cute.

then we played a free show at thee parkside yesterday/saturday afternoon. it's amazing, people won't come to free shit. it was all ages too. we played to bewildered looks of boredom. except for our friends that come to every show and heckle us. we did in fact record the show, so once that gets a good looking at, we'll probably put it up maybe? jimo says we sounded pretty good. i thought we played solid, not that it seemed to matter, ha! but we're getting there anyways.

we played at thee parkside:

statement of intent
the escapist
don't you want to play with me?
dead roses
the dichotomy
do you wanna mess around?
anal fixation
no questions, no answers
sing pretty or die!

we're going to record the band's arrangement of jimo's no questions, no answers this week, and then i would like, a song a week for the next 4 weeks. that probably won't pan out though...never does. oh well!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


a couple of finished new songs are up on the myspace. the dichotomy was the one that took forever, and it sounds about as good as the band can make something like that sound at this point in time, so yeah, which i've accepted as ok. the other one, statement of intent, that's the one where jimo wrote the riffs, and i did the words. we tried to do it all live and just overdub the vocals, but ended up having to overdub the guitar afterward too. that one was kinda hard to mix at first, but i think it came out really good. it's not 100% perfect performance wise, but %95 ain't too bad i suppose, as long as the energy is there.

we've been working up a few more new ones, two are jimo songs, and one is by corey. not sure how many are going on the record. guess we'll sit down and listen to them all together once there are 15 and see what the general feeling is. we don't have anything resembling an album title, album artwork, nor quite enough money to put out the kind of elaborate vinyl product that we we'll see how long it takes. maybe july?

we are playing some shows though - this sunday May 10th with Two Star Spark (which is their record release show, a record i just happened to record and sorta produce!) @ Kimo's, and then Saturday May 16th at Thee Parkside which is a FREE ALL AGES deal. maybe we should pass around a collection plate, cuz the venue is only paying us in beer. i'm not against playing a free show, but i would like to make enough money to break even on the rental van.

been talking about getting a DV camera with Jimo helming the project parae - the tv show. so yeah...we'll see what comes out of that!