Friday, June 26, 2009

recording last night

so last night we finally got around to actually recording. we did the business live, with the four of us all playing together, and our friend Em joining us on tambourine. we did Corey's two songs, the Mole and Dead Roses (which we were re-recording, as we deemed the previous version from February to not be good enough). it took about five takes on each tune before we got one that we were happy with, as the mic on Jimo's amp cut out on the first couple of takes for the Mole (fucking shitty xlr cables). anyway, we basically did all of Dead Roses live, over-dubbing the vocals and backing vocals (on which Tommi hollered louder than i've ever thought capable) and a 2nd guitar part Jimo wrote. i think it's going to sound so much better than the previous attempt, as we're all playing together, the sounds of the instruments are a bit rougher and dirtier, and our playing is more focused and tighter. the previous version just sounded too clean, but not lived in enough. with the Mole, Corey's still gotta finish writing all the words, and Jimo still has to record his guitar solo thing (which i think we're gonna do tonight). after all the bullshit with recording the Mole, mics cutting out and my hand cramping up from playing the bass, we finally got a good take - but lo and behold, one of the drum over-head mics had some kind of power surge or some shit that caused it to clip really terribly three times during the first chorus, so i had to pull some voodoo in order to save the take. hopefully the voodoo will be for the most part inaudible in the final mix, but...fucking murphy's law.

we've still got two songs to go...running a little bit behind schedule, but i figure we should have a record by the end of august.

oh yeah, we're playing a show! thursday july 16th @ the stud!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

status report

still rehearsing, soon to be recording. we finished no questions no answers awhile back...not sure if it's going up on the internets or not. we're going to re-record dead roses, cuz i want a rawer sound for that song. basically just arranging these last three songs for the record, which is taking a fair bit of time. hopefully we can get started recording them in the next week and then things will move a bit faster. my goal is to have everything tracked by the end of the month.

we still have no idea what the record is going to be called, nor any of the artwork put together. been trying to take steps in those directions...

also working on getting some show together around town for july and august. would like to put together a week long tour once the record is done, but it ain't done, so no movement on that front yet...