Thursday, November 05, 2009

the KZSU radio show

so we went down to Stanford University and played on the college radio last night! it was pretty cool. we basically had an hour to play but only 40 minutes of material properly prepared. we tried our best to pad things out, but still ended up blasting through all of our tunes at breakneck speed. i was under the impression that there would be some sort of interview interspersed, but the host - the big chief - while a nice enough guy, really didn't have a whole lot of real questions to ask, aside from when's yr next show, what's the band name mean. funny how he saved a lot of the more in depth questions for after the show when we were off the air and breaking shit down. anyways, it was pretty cool, we ended up padding out the set with a bunch of shit corey didn't want to play, as he suddenly became the voice of professionalism once we were on the radio, haha. but we managed to bash through them anyways without crashing and burning. i even managed to consciously eliminate all swear words while singing, and then twice accidently drop F bombs on the air between songs - oops! anyway, we played:

statement of intent
don't you want to play with me
the escapist
fear of death
no questions no answers
sing pretty or die
do you wanna mess around
dead roses
you don't love me anymore
anal fixation
goodbye horses
barnacle carnival

everyone down there at the radio station was super cool and nice, and we even got a cd of our performance afterwards. from listening to a bit of it, all i can say is - oh those poor kids mixing us, i guess they tried their best. i realize now, we ought to simplify our sound for these live on the air radio show type deals, as the people mixing us we're doing it cold with no idea of how we're "supposed" to sound. and unfortunately, once they'd figure it out, we'd change everything for the next song. i think in the future jimo and i should limit ourselves to one or two guitar tones and volumes so that overall our sound will be more cohesive. also i wish i had remembered to ask for more reverb on the songs where i needed it. oh well!