Monday, December 28, 2009

project buff buff

for the past week and a half we've been working on Buffie's record. she's a good friend of mine from college and is out here for two and a half weeks to make an album with us. basically, tommi (drums), jimo (lead guitar), and i (bass) are acting as her backing band, and we spent the first six days with her rehearsing and learning her songs. this past saturday we started laying down drums, and after two days we have drums, bass, and rhythm guitar for five tracks out of the nine done. we're currently a little bit ahead of schedule, but i'm still imagining that it will be a tight crunch to finish recording, as we only have eight more days to finish before she leaves town. after that we'll have a couple weeks to mix, and she'll take it from there! i do believe she is open to entertaining offers from record labels, so if i must say so myself, aside from the powerful vocals and strong songwriting, her record is going to be awesome.

our new record TINNITUS will be available on all the various MP3 stores starting Tuesday January 5th. it probably won't show up on itunes or amazon until a bit later, as apparently the lead time for these things is 2-4 weeks depending on the retailer. but we made jan 5th the official mp3 release date since that's corey's birthday, so happy birthday to him and his big broken ankle. skateboarding accident xmas day, haha... so if yr the type of person that is inclined to purchase MP3s, the album will be there in that medium for you to purchase and then pirate accordingly! for all you normal people, the album is still on track to be here in late January on Vinyl and CD. we should be getting our vinyl test pressings next week, so we're super excited about that!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

we are ever so vain in our pursuit of folly

OK! we delivered the master of our new record TINNITUS to the manufacturer yesterday, Pirates Press, which is based here in SF. me and Tommi and Jimo all went in and met with our sales person and it was a super cool experience, nothing but positive vibes. we all left with a good feeling about it all, and Damon the guy there had so much information about different types of vinyl and printing options and more than answered all of our questions. so other than the fact that the damn cd/records are gonna cost a shit ton of money, they'll at least make for a fine looking artifact!

we had the record mastered by Timothy @ Stereophonic sound again (he did the Meta Ambigue 2cd thing), cuz he's super nice and willing to work with us nitpickers, and oh yeah, cheap too, yay. we're all quite pleased with the final mastered sound, basically pumping up our mixes with more low end heft and overall punch without brick-walling the fuck out our tunes (as is currently the custom/trend - loudness wars sux).

we were also pretty damn meticulous with the artwork. i would have really liked to have made the LP a folding gatefold, but it was just gonna be too much money (it's already more than we can afford considering the tenuous nature of our theoretical popularity potential). it's been brought to my attention that there are indeed a few people out there who may harbor a general excitement about our band, and per chance may even desire to purchase a record or cd. i remain ever skeptical of the existence of such persons, but look forward to the opportunity of being pleasantly surprised!

we're playing one last show of the year, again at the Stud, cuz they let us do whatever we want and it's our party, so we'll cry if we want to, next Thursday Dec 17th. it's going be x-mas themed, and should be pretty epic. we've written our very own fucked up christmas carol (the same one we talked about doing last year, but with revised lyrics), and it sounds like Ween playing Christian Rock. it's gonna be so very very wrong. we'll also be doing a cover of my favorite Misfits song, cuz it took about 20 seconds to learn and is awesome.

after that, Jimo and I will spend the next 3-4 weeks recording an album for one my dearest old friends from college, Buffie Roseanne. she's coming out here from NYC and we're doing it for the glory of it all. and because she is awesome. she hid her voice from me for so long!

aside from that, we've got 6-7 new songs we're currently working on, and looking at booking shows in the new year and doing some guerrilla touring, as the record should be here by late January for us to hawk.