Monday, April 12, 2010

two shows in one week

we played two shows last week. the first one was at the Knockout, with Moccretro and Th Mrcy Hot Sprngs. that show was awesome. decent turnout all around, two fantastic bands that we all LIKE A LOT, and generally a good time.

the second one was at Sub/Mission, and it was kinda bullshit. we didn't really know the bands we were playing with, but they were all nice people and such, and i think we'd probably play with any of them again if asked. unfortunately the venue was crap. we had a mixed experience with the venue when we played there in february, but did our best to have a good attitude about it at the time. turns out Sub/Mission is a PAY TO PLAY type venue, which i had no idea about. $350 gets you 4hrs at the space on a friday night. it's a big nice space, with outdoor smoking out back, and it purports to be ALL AGES. what yr $350 doesn't get you is a sound tech or a decent PA. oh and yr show has to be over at Midnight. our people didn't turn out for that gig, as apparently i guess the venue has developed a bad reputation around town, for burning bands i'd assume. we literally had people who were going to come out that night and then decided against it when they found out where it was. as someone said to corey, "someone is paying for you guys to play..." $350 is just a fucked up amount to ask for. if i had known ahead of time that there was a "pay to play" arrangement going on, we probably wouldn't have done the gig, as we're pretty over playing at venues around town that exploit the musicians. especially when they're making plenty of money at the bar (that probably doesn't have a proper liquor license) and also taking a percentage of the door. anyway, not trying to trash talk anyone here, but damned that was a shitty arrangement for a gig, where everyone worked hard and walked away with no money, and on top there was attitude from the staff all night long. oh well, whatever.

anyway, we're working on new songs, gonna be doing some more recording. hopefully playing again soon!