Friday, May 21, 2010

report on show last night 5/20/10 @ the stud

we played:

the escapist
do you wanna mess around?
statement of intent
don't you want to play with me?
i'm a man
what is beauty
the host
blood and ice

first part of the set sounded good and was really tight. then some kind of electrical issues started occurring when we got to the new song, what is beauty, and my amp and the amp corey was borrowing started shorting out. they were both on the same circuit, and they just both started cutting out. the rest of our set was shakey after that and kind of bummed a couple of the guys out. people said we had a lot more clarity than before (for that space - the stud), and the vocals really came thru (not that we could hear them, as we were onstage behind the PA without any stage monitors). anyways, i thought we played really quite well, even though we ended up cutting two songs from the set ending somewhat discouraged. again, we had some true believers up front, but it seemed like we either alienated the rest of the crowd away, or they were just there for the other bands and couldn't really give two shits about us. whatever, fuck it. the struggle continues.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

pirate cat radio reviewed TINNITUS

Pirate Cat radio, the pirate radio station here in SF reviewed our record TINNITUS. Check it out. They said:
Somehow it makes sense that if Punk Rock can get revival after revival, then Post-Punk should be able to as well. PARAE manage to conjure up all the great college radio sounds circa 1981-84 or so when it seemed like Post-Punk would save us all from New Wave. Do you believe in the Westworld?

Still never seen Westworld. Wonder if it's better than Waterworld...