Monday, June 21, 2010

report on the show at amnesia

we played a show at Amnesia this past Saturday night. it went very well for the most part, other than we played first and the crowd was pretty sparse (the later crown started arriving around 9:45). anyways, the old homeless dude that is always in the club absolutely hated us, muttering that we sucked and needed to get off the stage to one of buddies, so yeah, fuck him - guess we were doing something right. we were definitely the odd band out, as the rest of the bands were more psychedelic and less song oriented. pretty sure none of the other bands liked us. also pretty sure that the tokio hotel shirt i wore alienated even more the random hipsters in the audience. these kids today can't even comprehend irony on multiple levels. such poorly schooled hipsters, it makes us from the old guard so very very disappointed. they just stare perplexed! we played:

what is beauty
statement of intent
the escapist
i want to have fun
she can't understand me
don't you want to play with me?
love 2.0
i'm a man
do you wanna mess around?
sing pretty or die!
the host

lets talk about the other bands! dominique leone was pretty cool, he had a couple xylophones and three woodwinds accompanying his laptop and delayed vocals. pretty reasonable approach for something held together by a laptop. we all kind of agreed that more live percussion and an electric bass player would have benefited the ensemble. all and all, it was good trancy stuff, my mileage varied from tune to tune. Heguma we didn't really watch, but we could hear them from the green room downstairs. i actually really liked it, good ambient sleepy time guitar drones with vocals, reminded me a bit of flying saucer attack. the other guys weren't so into it. sun araw didn't do anything for me, at all. just didn't seem fleshed out, a drummer could have helped. i found it primitive and too improvised. jealousy is different each time i see him. the first time i really like him, the second i was really drunk. this time he was playing shronk guitar with a drummer. i didn't care for it, but jimo said he dug the guitar playing.

anyway, here's a video of us from the show!