Thursday, January 27, 2011

adventures in portland and seattle

well we went to portland and seattle last weekend. it cost way too much money to rent a van and pay for gas, especially since we're all unemployed musicians, but we had a reasonably good time as it was. well not really in portland, as the show we played was bunk. the other bands selfishly made us play last, at 1am, as most of the audience had bounced as we are an unknown quantity in that town. it was a pretty fucked up situation, i highly doubt we will be playing any shows with any of them ever again or doing them any favors. seattle on the other hand was awesome, as our friend ursula set up a show specifically for us and we got to play with her awesome band MY POSSE DON'T DO HOMEWORK. everyone in seattle was super nice and receptive, and we even got some video of the show that we'll be putting up on the internets soon.

as for recordings, well we've been working on stuff at a steady pace, though as usual we're not meeting the deadlines that we set for ourselves. however, we're in the process of redesigning the site, and should have some new tracks up within the week. a new bio is up already, and we'll have a new logo and some new pictures up soon also.