Sunday, March 27, 2011

post-mordem on show @ voz de lucha

we played second and the set was:

statement of intent
what is beauty
the host
i want to have fun
do you wanna mess around?
die young
love 2.0
sex & bones (shake 'em)
we're breaking up

it was pretty cool. didn't make any money and didn't sell any records, but lots of people there hanging out dancing, slamming about, and enthused. heard there were some shit talkers in the back, sorry bro! guess we're too feminine for ya there buddy. the other bands were cool, though a bit monochromatic, as sound was a challenge in that space (yay Sunn and Orange saving the day via pure volume output alone!)

four new songs coming in April when they're good and ready. forthcoming shows pending/tba.