Thursday, April 28, 2011


ep2 is now up! the songs are all pretty damn hot, well maybe not the last one, but eh, i reserve the right to my own opinion? we decided to throw in a extra 5th song this time since we were running behind schedule (and it was already long since done). about the songs:

PURPLE & ORANGE - we wrote this pretty spontaneously in mid-march, as at one moment Jimo's delay pedal started seemingly at random to be conjuring up a loop which i then started riffing on the bass. ONE NOTE SONG! ha, almost. the title is vaguely a Boris reference. this was done all live except for the synth and vocal ephemera at the beginning.

THE HOST - so this is the Host, version 3. yes, we recorded this damn thing 3 times. the first time was when Corey was still with us about a year ago, but he never finished writing his part for the second half. oh Corey... then we tried again at some point last fall, but it became a complete fucking albatross, so Jimothy decreed that we dump that version too. this was recorded over two days a couple weeks ago. bass and drums and guitars all done live (with one edit near the end, cuz we ain't perfect), with more guitars and vocals overdubbed the next day. Tommi laments that this particular take lacks some special patented triplet drum fills, but otherwise it's pretty scorching and sounds about how we do it live.

OLDER BROTHER - this one i wrote i think last december or january and it came together pretty quickly and we recorded it in february. kind of an homage to the Juliana Hatfield song "My Sister," which is the first song i ever heard by her and still my favorite. not necessarily about an older brother of mine in any literal sense, though it could be read that way. then again, maybe i'm metaphorically the older brother?

SEX N' BONES (Shake Em'!) - another one that kind of spontaneously came together pretty quickly (except for the lyrics). as i recall, i started with the synth bass riff and we just built off of that. Tommi was adamant that we keep the song length to about two minutes, as our illustrious drummer has yet to build up the stamina for long term disco workouts. we're very happy with this one.

INSINCERITY - oh this silly little song is built off of some old chord progressions i had from a few years ago that never came together until now. Jimo handles 95% of the guitar here, and if you can't tell, he was very much enjoying himself. the vocals were a ridiculous choir to do, and i don't know why. i never really wrote a melody for the verses, so i had this pretty weird/cool harmony thing going, but it was a bit too monochromatic and unfortunately just wasn't working. so after doing that three different times (and almost throwing out my voice on the second occasion), on a lark the other day i started sing speaking it at rehearsal, and well...that was better than what we had before. i dunno, i'm not convinced this one is anything special, but Jimo likes playing it i guess. the noise stuff at the end was fun to do, as well as all the delay and shit we put on the guitars.

we did indeed play a show last week, and it was pretty tragic, as we got a bit too loaded before we played and apparently forgot how to play guitar. it was a bit of a weird one in general, very last minute and thrown together. oh well! y'all won't be seeing any video footage from that one.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

new songs soon

four more new songs coming in a few days once they're finished being mixed. they're pretty cool.

we have a show on 4/21 at the Big Gay Whse in SF, it's gonna be hot!