Sunday, August 21, 2011

current conditions

things are not so good these days, not sure what is happening with the band. it may all be falling apart. if such, material for a record is finished, and those of us who remain will figure out what is next...and then we evolve into something else.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

think and die thinking fest

we played day 1 of the think and die thinking festival in san jose this past friday. the turnout was a bit lower than we expected, but it was a pretty cool event. we played:

the revolting youth
i want to have fun
the host
what is beauty.
love 2.0
die young
sex n bones
the tall man
we're breaking up

it didn't feel like we made much of an impression, at least not to me. the set was a bit haphazard (though we played solidly), as the stage was composed of big wooden blocks that kept coming apart, causing pieces of the drums to fall into the cracks. the other bands were cool, though it was dominated by these kind of neo grunge indie rock bands. it's a bit weird to see 90s rock being such a heavy influence these days. can't really say that i've seen anyone improving on it yet...