Saturday, March 10, 2012

in case you didn't hear

jimo came back to the band.

scheduling the four of us to practice all at the same time has been difficult, but we're certainly not at a loss for material.

the Oresteia Fractum show has begun it's run, and it is awesome! if you're reading this, you should definitely make the effort to go and see it! work will be continuing on the expanded rock opera version of the Oresteia, and hopefully at as brisk a pace. i'm not sure how many more songs need to written, as i am still working with the text, but so far we're at lyrics for four additional pieces - for a total of 16 so far. and with incorporating some of the material from the dance pieces from the Fractum show, I anticipate the whole thing ending up somewhere around 25 pieces - which is a nice round number.

we'll be playing our first show as a four piece with Em next Thursday the 15th at the Stork Club in Oakland. It's going to be very "loose", that's for sure!