Friday, May 04, 2012

new single coming soon!

We have a new single which we will be putting up soon on the Bandcamp page: CRY WOLF / EULOGY We are also putting together a video for CRY WOLF as well. We are currently writing and recording as a 3 piece of Eriq / Tommi / Em. That is also the line-up on the new single. We are currently working on finishing the writing of the ORESTEIA rock opera. The rock opera is going to be around 30 songs long, give or take. It expands upon material created and used for the ORESTEIA FRACTUM production, and is a somewhat more modern and feminist adaptation of the Ancient Greek play and associated myths. Eriq and Tommi were in NYC last weekend recording vocals with Buffie Roseanne for the ORESTEIA rock-opera. We are also throwing around ideas on how to the approach the next PARAE album. We played a show on April 21st at the Stud here in SF - we played: Eulogy Love 2.0 Sex N Bones (with Jimo) The Warning Cry Wolf Die Young Already Known Set My Hair On Fire Hitchhiker (with Jimo)