Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 2012 update

Really?? May was the last update? fuck... OK. Jimo never ended up rejoined the band - everybody knows that. There was one TERRIBLE show in march with him at the stork club, probably the worst lineup of bands we've ever played with...ever. Anyway he disappeared after that. Supposedly he's working on a solo album, and he has stopped by the studio a couple times to sing on the ridiculous rock opera. The ridiculous rock opera would be done already if a few of the vocalists hadn't flaked/dropped-off the face of the earth. All the music has been finished and in the can since September. It's 32 songs and about 2 hours long. We don't have any money to master it or give it any kind of CD release, so it'll be going online digitally only, probably by the end of January 2013. The vocalists who have sang on it have all been great, unfortunately my pool of resources is finite, so some of my vocalists will be doubling up on the roles. At this point, the project just needs to be done. Working with this many vocalists has been very demanding, and I don't think I will attempt something like this again unless people are breaking down my door to work with me. If you have not sang on this, but will be in the next week, I'm most certainly not talking about you. Everybody else, who said they would sing and then didn't, uggghhh don't ever ask me for no favors in the future - y'all sucksss. New album with Maryann. We're about a quarter of the way thru production on our next album, our first with Maryann. We're planning to do between 18-25 songs and choose from those. We've been doing a lot of writing, and playing new songs at every show. We'd like to do a tour in the spring, but that depends again on money. Speaking of money, we'll be putting up a Kickstarter video around the end of the year to help raise money for general band solvency and publishing our albums on vinyl. I expect very little will come of it, but it'd be cool to get surprised.