Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crystal Venom

uhhhh, i keep forgetting about this blog thing, whoops! anyway, we have a new album. it's called CRYSTAL VENOM. 13 songs, with Eriq, Tommi, and M. it's a bit rawer, a bit poppier, a bit punkier, and bit more noisier and experimental, depending on the song. if yr reading this you should check it out and buy a copy (digitally or cd from the merch page).

we played a show the other night at the Stud, with even some really new songs that we just wrote (they were a bit rough!):

candy coated massacre
the cult of youth and beauty
cry wolf
taipei wildebeest
sad burger
i, genderfuck
bad blood
playing with fire
see the sun
reminds me of anime

we're working on shooting a video for Candy Coated Massacre, it's gonna be the most ambitious video we've attempted yet! a full minute and a half of blood, violence, ass-kicking, and explosions. hopefully it will look cool!

as always, if you like us, the best way is to let us know by hitting LIKE on our facebook, sharing our music with your friends, writing about us online, coming to our shows, buying our artifacts of merch, and reminding us why we do this. ok? thanks!