Thursday, December 27, 2007

state of rehearsals

so like i feel like we ought to maybe be rehearsing three times a week instead of two. i haven't brought this up yet, cuz hell, tommi will be like fuck no. well no, i dunno, but probably, haha. i dunno, maybe i'm impatient, we've got like about six songs that we can play pretty adequately, a couple of them actually sound performance ready and shit. it's just that we keep coming up with new ideas and stuff that need time and work to be developed and everyone has their own learning pace at figuring out what exactly to do. i'm trying to keep pace and continue sketching out lyrical ideas and such and helping to develop potential synth parts as needed. as it is, it's still kinda hard for me to come up with coherent lyrics for some of the new songs. i'm trying to write stuff that is more extroverted, or classically contrived, and i'm not exactly always sure if it's the best direction to be headed in. i would like to do stuff that is more abstract, but i never really took creative writing, so uh, i guess i'm not sure what is aesthetically good and bad, i.e. my shit detector isn't so adept at judging at the moment. anyways, my goal is still to start recording once we got ten new songs down solid, so maybe that might commence by february. i just feel like we need more time for the guys to learn some of the older songs that are on the cd thing that is probably gonna start collecting dust in our closet around this time next week. it could be a week later than that, but the big boxes of plastic should definitely here within the next two weeks. anyways, i think each one of us is sharing a common goal of having band that is fucking really really good. we'll see if that pans out i guess, haha.


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