Friday, March 31, 2006

documenting the atrocities - nocturnal edition

i've been sick all week. horrible feverish, snot sneezingly wretched sick. it has sucked. i got home last night with a plan, a plan to sleep a full 8 hours before having to go to my dumb job #1 again. alas, i was thrawted by my evil roommates.

i arrived home from the jazz club to find daniel playing final fantasy, as he lately tends to do late at night or early in the morning. he informed me that my roommates and boyfriend, as i much suspected, had gone off to stupid delirium to get piss drunk and pretend they are cool. neat. maybe they are super rad in that environment, i dunno. anyways, i hate that fucking bar. never do i have a desire to go to straight breeding grounds, it's so boring.

i go to sleep. at 3am-ish, i am awoke by the horrible bright light of my room and my drunken boyfriend trying to do something, perhaps undress. turn off the fucking light, i cry out, ahh, why must the light be on, all the way even, ahhh this sucks. he say it smells like sickness in the room, he's gonna open a window, i'm like, NOOOO! we'll freeze, that will suck, just open the bathroom door to get some air flow. oh the drunkness, it seems to take an eternity for him to accomplish whatever task he is intent on accomplishing and find comfort in bed. somehow i fall back asleep.

BOOM. what the fuck. oh grand, bildo and the lil' russian are still up. and they are doing something that goes BOOM. lame. i crawl out of bed, i go to the stairwell, they are playing loud derivative punk blurpiness type music. it's 3:30 or later, i dunno. i holla at them, quiet the fuck down, god damn, what the fuck guys! lil' russian holla's back, 1 2 3 go back to sleep. and i'm like, 1 2 3 quiet the fuck down, i'm trying to fucking sleep. these kids know better. i crawl back to bed. i figure stephanie, the poor girl that lives downstairs, whose bedroom is below our living room must not be home, thank goodness for her, as this is some bullshit.

at some point i hear some more booms and general loudness, but i'm able to sleep thru it, but then my fucking cell phone rings, and it's stephanie. ah fuck. well i don't answer, cuz i don't wanna talk to her, i'm trying to fucking sleep, ugh, she can call them, the cause of the trouble, she should have their numbers, right...i think.

somehow i manage to fall back asleep again after another general eternity of restlessness and pissed-offed-ness at the severe crime of even being awakened in the first place. then it happens. KA-BOOM! the whole god damn house fucking shudders and rumbles. WHAT THE FUCK?! seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?! oh god damnit, my fucking phone is ringing again, shit, it's stephanie, FUCKING HELL. i don't answer, cuz i still don't wanna talk to her, but after about 30 seconds i realize that i gotta go down and deal with this fucking lame situation.

i charge down the stairs. i shut off the music. there they are standing in the kitchen, all smiles! hey eriq, bildo done says, what's going on? you still sick? he's smirking at me. he looks like our grand president when he smirks at me. it is so unattractive. the lil' russian is obviously trashed out of his fucking mind, he's got his mindless zombie shuffle going on, his eyes all red and glazed over.

what the fuck are you guys doing? c'mon, what the fuck? you are fucking disrespecting your roommates, you're disrespecting yr neighbors, and yr disrespecting the girls downstairs! what the fuck?

and of course, it's all like, what? what did we do? no one ever came and complained earlier? they are so drunk that they don't even remember me hollering at them an hour earlier. so i'm yelling at them, they're pretending they're innocent, and i'm like, no no no no no, i'm sick, i'm trying to sleep, stephanie has called me twice. and then, stephanie comes up from the back, and is like, what is going on, like this is lame, what the hell, and lil' russian, in the most misogynistic tone of voice possible says to her, we're handling the situation, we're taking care of it, and totally just fucking dismisses her. it is shocking. so fucking disrespectful the way he speaks to her. and i'm like, no, what the fuck guys, there is no reason why she should have come up here at 5 in the fucking morning to ask you guys to be quite, it is totally fucked up for you even to put her in that situation, and it pisses me off that i have to be yr guy's fucking mother right now, but yr acting like fucking little children, and it is totally fucking lame. now i like living with you guys, and yr cool roommates, and it's awesome that you don't have to work tomorrow and that you wanna party all night, but YOU CAN NOT DO IT HERE!

and with that i'm done, and i'm like, so shut the fuck up, the party is fucking over, i'm fucking going to sleep. and lil' russian being the argumentative little punk that he gets off on occasionally being tries to get a word in edgewise, and as i'm walking up the stairs, against bildo's insistence of no dude don't say it, he trys to bust out a why don't you come say it to my face like a man, and i'm cuz yr not one, yr acting like a fucking child. and with that, i'm fucking done with them.

so in the morning i arrise to find the house a complete dump and daniel playing final fantasy again. i ask how much he witnessed and how late he was kept up. he said he went to bed when they started biting into raw unpeeled onions. i called stephanie later on and left her a message apologizing on my part for not shutting them the fuck up sooner. pretty much at this point, while i've occasionally threatened to move out and even made the comment last night during my diatribe, i've now come to conclusion that if this kind of bullshit continues, i won't be the one moving out, they will, cuz i like where i live.

and the house better be fucking immaculate when i get home from work tonight.

Monday, March 27, 2006

work sick

sick of work
at work sick

that's some poetry, oh yeah. fuckin' feel like shit. want to go back home be in bed. had a headache all day at dumb job #1. now at dumb job #2 with a runny nose and a sore throat. fucking lameness.

got my keyboard synth thingy today. it's pretty sweet. doesn't seem to tricky to use, the instruction manual seems pretty straight forward, and i was able to figure out how to use the arpeggiator all on my own. yay. now all my songs will have lots of pretty bubblin' arpeggiatorness.

me and tommi went and saw v for vendetta last night. we both really really enjoyed it. i give it a 9. really quality filmmaking for mainstreamish hollywood rubbish, and for all of the use of british coloqial term bullocks, that was awesome. i wanna go get the original graphic novel now. hugo weaving was badass.

finished watching tarkovsky's stalker last night also. tommi passed out with a half an hour ago, and daniel was all fucking hyper as shit and would stop talking during the fucking flick, now i have a fuller understanding of what it is like to watch a film with me, haha. anyway, it was rather disappointing, and the climax, or anti-climax was a bit incoherent to me, as i had trouble following all of the subtitles and understanding the character's motivations. also, the damn thing was just so low budget that when something, i suppose, supernatural was to be occuring, the film could not really deliver the visuals to necessary get across the paranormal happenings. or at least i'm slow and i got confused. i give the film a 5.5 out of 10. looking forward to watching solyaris though.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

my favorite records of 1997

they were at the time:

bjork - homogenic
catherine wheel - adam and eve
david bowie - earthling
depeche mode - ultra

and an album that totally disappointingly sucked:

shudder to think - 50,000 b.c.

i just bought a cd copy of bowie's earthling yesterday, and was listening to it in my car the drive over from work. it's weird how i can hear all of the instrumental parts so clearly and distinctly, whereas back in the day, that album seemed quite dense to me. maybe it's not as good as i remember it being. i bought cd copy of outside about a month ago, and it was exactly as i remembered it, a 2/3rds great album, with a bunch of suck in the second half. i'm pretty sure that if i pull out hours that it'll be exactly as i remember it, piddling crap with flat boring drums. it's weird, i didn't remember the drums on earthling being so stadium rock sounding.

anyway, yesterday i also finally bought the newest bob mould cd, as i was waiting for the special 2cd edition to show up in the record store again. it was way too expensive, but the art in the box is pretty damn over the top. bob is such a big gay muscle bear now too! anyway, yeah, i loved bob for a couple years after i got into him around 2000 or 2001, and i was all totally looking forward to modulate when it came out, cuz i'm all for change and i thought, hey bob doing electronic music, this could be hella cool. or not. that album so ruined him for me, cuz it was just so amateurish with respect to synths, and the songs were a messy sketches, at times totally annoying. anyway, i put on that new record yesterday, and was totally blown away by the first three tunes, that shit sounded hot, and i was like, yay, i like bob again. maybe now i'll finally get around to picking up his all electronic loudbomb cd from his website, though, i am hesistant to it's quality.

i also picked up another moloko cd yesterday, their most recent one, but i might have to take it back cuz it's all scratched up. i can't believe i never got around to investigating them until two weeks ago when i found two of their cds at the thrift store down the street from my work. they are fucking awesome. i'm less than impressed with the roison murphy solo cd of which i've downloaded, it seems to lack the character and distinctness of the moloko records, but maybe i haven't really listened to it loudly enough or with enough attention. not really familiar with the work of herbert, her collaborator, though he be highly praised by the indie hipsters over at pitchfork.

did i talk about how i got a new needle for my record player? paid $80 for the damn thing, so worth it though, the vinyl sounds hot. a real competition scratch needle. too bad i haven't had any time to sit down and listen to records in my attic room, cuz all i do is work, and then be forced to drink by friends and roommates all the time.

ugh, my damn belly has been hurting all day. no more whiskey shots for me, damn burned a whole in my stomach. need to stick to vodka and beer. beer is more agreeable with me, but it makes my damn belly big. red wine, that is the key. though i've tended to get all hella sleepy from that shit lately.

been trying to read that damn on the road book today at work. i'm like 85 pages into it now, and it's still fucking chore. i wanna be reading more burroughs, ugh. i think my main problem with the book is how self-centered the whole fucking thing is. and he just seems like a spoilt kid that eats too much fucking ice cream. all the little boring details he keeps going into, all the hemmingway references, like fuck. i guess i'm missing the point. i'm sure it's great, or changed some shit or something, i'm just not relating to it the way i was feeling the burroughs books i read. guess i'll give it another go now though, not much more bullshit to type about, and i still got a whiles here and my dumb ass job where i be waiting for nothing to happen.

it's too fucking early...

...for me to be at my god damn dumb job right now, but here the fuck i am. ugh. stayed up hella late drinking and shit, not terribly hungover at the moment, but not feeling too pretty either. shit. at least i didn't make too much of an ass of myself, i think, or get naked with any of my roommates, fuckin' hell. feel like a zombie.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

tom cruise

so like yesterday my dumb job number one was catering a lunch for tom cruise and the ceo of yahoo. katie holmes was there too, and i'm told she was very pregnant with tom's alien love child. whatever. it was a pain in the ass only for me because monday afternoon i had to do some running around cuz the client called and made some last minute additions to the party and shit. whatever. i got paid. fuck tom cruise tho, he's ugly, and scientology is so lame. now if he was a buddhist, that'd be somethin' else.

so that was a nice incoherent post from last night, right? whatever. dumb song will eventually manifest, i suppose. still waiting for that damn keyboard. stoop bitch took even longer to actually drop it off at ups, and NOW it ain't scheduled to arrive until this coming monday, a full two weeks after i won the auction and PAID nearly $900 for the damn thing. kinda annoying.

so flighty boys piss me off, especially pretty flighty boys who make you the center of their world only to remove you from relevance after a drunk stumble. whatever.

i am dumb job number two now. fake stevie wonder latin band is playing. barf out. stevie wonder is cool, but i never listen to the records we own of his. at least little man is not here. he done pissed me off all night long last night. it's bad enough that he be here all the time with his spazzed out former coke-head ass freaking the fuck out trying to steal all the money from customers that is rightfully his as un-reasonably possible, but no last night he had to get all fucking interested in the fucking light show, with pathetic excuse for lighting design. i swear, i mean, first off, the motherfucker is color blind. color blind!! second, the only thing he likes is shit that is so goddamn high contrast and washed out. fucking hideous, and his artwork and photography is amateurish at best, and looks shit on all cds and such artwork i have had the displeasure to bear witness. so he be on my ass for like an hour all and shit, making the show look like shit, when all i wanna do is just sit on the stool and wait for the time to tick by as the wife caterwauls away singing the same damn standards she sings every fucking week. finally the end of the night comes, it's 11:50pm, and they go into the jefferson's theme song, moving on up. yeah, i know, but it's not as terrible as it sounds when compared to some of the other material, don't even ask about the dentist song, ugh. so i'm like, oh this is gonna go on forever, at least 10-15 minutes, cuz it's the last night of the wife's weekly gig, cuz she's gotten too lazy to do even that much work with respect to her fucking jazz club, i presume, tho there are a litany of excuse with respect to her band of which she has brought to my attention the past, but can one blame her band for having such low moral when it be the same shit and the same schtick that they be performing every goddamn week. anyway, my innards get that feeling, and i'm like, fuck it, i'm gonna go take a shit. i figure i got time, little man is distracted doing some bullshit, who the fuck cares, i got ten minutes to go, so yeah, fuck it. so i be sitting downstairs on my sickly throne doing my thing, oh the pressure, got make it kinda quick, and i'm listening to the tune above, and the head ends, and i'm ok, now we gots two solos to go at least, 3-5 mins each, and then, and then! the wife fucking starts to announce the band, and i'm like, oh fuck! the god damn show is over, aw shit. so be trying to wipe my ass all hella quick, and shit, and i'm like fuck, this sucks. in the mean time, i do believe little man may have run down the stairs and into the bathroom in order to ascertain my location, cuz he's that fucking neurotic. anyways, i make my ways back upstairs, and fucking hell, there he is doing the lights, covering for me, as he should, cuz he is the manager, and my only bad was not asking him to cover whilst pooing in the leui. anyway, i'm like, hey thanks steve, sorry, i had to uh, yeah, and he just looks at me with pure utter hatred, cuz i'm so less than human, and unworthy of the distinct pleasure of working for him and earning any compensory payment in return and such from his tight swiss jew ass. cuz he's like that you know? oh the glare! and i'm like, whatever, like i even give a fuck. plz fire me. i dare you. cuz what cha' gonna do? do the sound for the six weeks it takes you to find an adequate replacement? ya think nikki is gonna work 7 nights in the interim? i didn't fucking think so. go ahead, be angry, but it ain't over shit. this place is a vortex of negativity. i think i'm gonna quit in may, cuz two years is enough of a whatever of sorts towards survival in this pergatory. i need more time to myself, time to work on music and such with my drummer. the only thing i will miss is a third of my income.

i worked on music today. remixing, adding details to some tunes. my friend donny is coming into town tomorrow, returning from new york city. he said he'd do some artwork for our never to be realized cd, so i needed to modify some of the tunes for a cd for him, cuz he wants to here what we got for proper context and inspirational purposes. a righteous request, for sure. i'm excited to see him, cuz it was utterly lame that he moved away, even though he does seem a lot happier!

i bought the new prince cd today. i actually downloaded it like 2 or 3 weeks ago and had been listening to it a lot since. i think it's interesting that in the liner notes he says all praise to jehovah, whereas it was always the ubiquitous god before in all his other records. anyway, the album is definitely the best thing he has put out since the gold experience. the only sucky songs are the ones with that ugly tuneless bitch tamar singing on them, and even they aren't thoroughly bad. if his next record is as much of an improvement on this one as this one is to musicology, perhaps he might become groundbreaking or relevant again. an enjoyable cd nonetheless, within the upper realm of his second teir albums.

tony v

kiss me on the dance floor, my favorite thing, waiting for this moment, make me feel alive. manifest this image, i will disappoint you, yr failed expectation, my charismatic bitch. kiss me with yr poison, what can i say? everything i wanted, but only for this moment, the water comes down, warm water in my eyes, disappoint me, i am not what you want. call me on my birthday, so unfortunately aborted sincere, it's so good to see you, i told you i'm easy to find. i don't need charisma. but, just one song, could take us away. i'll see you when i see you.


at some point there will be some coherence. ugh. stupid boy. so, ugh, fucking gorgeous, stupid, dumb, and hot. drama at the bar. not really. so awesome to see you, you thought of dropping by my work, but you didn't, cuz yr lame. but it don't matter, cuz yr lame. cuz you here with yr friends, i'm here with my friend, what you doing, fall over, yr friends, holds you, dances against you, yr his, he is not yr friend, he is more. you wanna get together sometime, oh you have a boyfriend now, like i care? instantly, from oh it's so awesome to see you, to oh, see you, oh, tony voong, see you the fuck around, beautiful dumb fuck. maybe someday you can "bust a nut" in my mouth again, cuz even though yr a drunk dumbass, yr still pretty cute. per my self respect that is.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

for the record...

whilst living with tony ayala at the vito russo house at merrill college at uc santa cruz, as roommates, i NEVER ever masturbated in bed, in the room, or in essence, in his general presence. by him accusing me of such and to various friends time and again makes him a lying fuck. i have way too much class and puritan virtue to commit such an act, i mean, c'mon. only a sucker would believe such filth coming from him, of all people, ahem!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

does it get any worse?

miserable fucking show here tonight at the jazz club. i'm sitting at the bar, may a half an hour into the first set, with edward who be whining about some bitch he fucked 2 or 3 times and how she all done with him now, cuz like whatever, and this older fat drunk lady and her friend, who seems pretty cool, is like, god damn, i need a pillow, i'm falling asleep, and we're like yeah, and she's like ugh, this music is making me wanna kill myself. she saying all this rather loudly, and it's pretty fucking funny, i'm of course not doing my job at all by sitting at the bar having and drink, and also failing to tell her to quiet the fuck down, but whatever i don't care, the show sucks complete ass and is a total self indulgent tool all stuck in his world of how cool he is, but he fucking sounds like amatuer high school night, no phrasing, no timbre, no soul, pathetic life less blowing of the sax. fucking weak. so after this drunk lady, jamie, or janie, i forget, she shows us the dildo she just bought, her friend shows us the rubber pussy he picked up, he got batteries, she forgot. anyway, they're like, fuck this horrible music, let's go to the tittie bar, and i'm like, i can't i gotta stay and pretend to work, but i'm like edward, go with them, cuz i'm so over his whining, he keep asking me, how good looking am i, and i'm like, yr ok, and he's like come on, on one to ten, how good do i look, and i'm like, well i'd fuck ya, and he's like dude, stop, and i'm hey, and he's like, yr such and bad friend, and i'm like yr melodrama be getting old. anyway, fat lady and fatter male friend leave for the tittie bar, on their way out, during a bass solo of ever so fragile volume, she hollers on the way out the door, ugh that music is terrible, makes me wanna die, or something of such profound righteousness, and me and edward bust up the fuck laughing. good times!

Monday, March 13, 2006

my purchase

fuckin' ebay bitches, they don't got no respect for motherfucka's that done bid first, make me have to hawk watch my shit up to the last second, drivin' up the cost another $80 bucks. but fuckin' hell now, i gots a Nord Lead 2x synth on the way to add to my meager arsenal of noise making devices. i'm excited! not about having to use my evil mbna credit card of which i am trying to pay off. but sometimes you gotta think real deep about these things, and when it came down to it, the fundamental issue was, why wait another two fucking months for this damn machine? my stoop jobs aren't going anywhere, the shit is gonna get paid off, so yeah. i also acquired an additional snare drum stand yesterday and now have a second drum kit set-up for my personal practice type use in the attic room (i'm right handed and tommi's a lefty), cuz i need to learn to play the damn things at least on a basic level. got the kit pointed right at "dick's" house, tho most of the sound appears to travel right down into my roommate bildo's room, haha.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

carbon copy

so like on friday, i like redid all the guitar, bass, and vocals for the redux of the corporate rock tune. fucking struggle, my bass chops were hella rusted. whatever tho. i guess it sounds ok. there are more new details in this new version, but it feels like a lil' bit of the magic from the first attempt is lacking, but i'm probably just a spaz. anyway, i was thinking about adding some synth to it, but i probably won't, but now i have got it into my head that i absolutely must go purchase one of this Nord Lead virtual analogue synth things, cuz i need more blurps and squiggles in my lame tunes. so as i near the end of the tunnle of credit card debt, i prepare to sink further. whatever tho, i need blurps and squiggles. fuckin' gonna try my luck on ebay.

fuckin' at dumb job #1 right now. bored as fuck, but relatively entertained by internet distractions, such as this dumb blog. i gotta go get a new tire in a bit, cuz i ran over a screw or some shit friday night. learned how to change a tire. it was neat. this after having to get a new battery last tuesday. this shit comes in threes, but i think the first one was tommi's van, when the starter finally went out about two weeks ago. tho i reckon i'm gonna have to throw down for new brakes soon. yay having a car...yay credit card debt...ugh.

all the kids at my house were doing mushrooms last night. thank gawd i had to work @ the stoop jazz club, even tho that was horrible too, haha. i thought it'd be all hella ugly and shit when i got back home, but everyone seemed hella beneviolent and shit. i guess their plan for watching the Transformers movie whilst trippin' was a pretty inspired plan of action.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

it's not the quantity of the audience, it's the quality of the performance

that's what i try to tell my boss-lady here at the damn jazz club. whatever tho.

me and tommi recorded some drum tracks yesterday! it was a renewed attempted at the corporate rock tune, and it went by with much ease, as tommi is a far more advanced drummer than two and a half years ago. anyways, cuz i think it's kinda weird to put drums to music that was done so long ago, i'm probably just gonna go ahead and redux all of the other parts to the tune, and even try and add some synth stuff, make it a lil' less black and white, give it some technicolor - hopefully i won't fuck it up too much, cuz i really like what i had originally. but considering how almost everything else has been done twice out of this batch of songs, it'll probably sound way better now, has that has been the consistent result i my musical folly. plus i've changed some of the guitar parts every so mildly, really enhanced them somewhat to greater effect, haha. we also re-did some stuff for my self doubt, more cymbals was needed during the choruses in order to properly bring the rock. i'm debating whether to redux some of the drums for ambisexual, but it probably isn't necessary.

anyways, at this point we have i guess 13 songs done for the record. i've got 3 ready that we're preppy to record beats to, and i finally got a reasonable arrangement down for this new song i've been brainstorming for like way too long. anyway, the damn credit cards are almost paid off, so saving up a couple grand for a record seems a bit more tangible for the coming summer months if such is to happen.

i need more free time tho.

Monday, March 06, 2006

live video from our show

here's a link to some DIVX video clips from our show the other day:

video clips

so this is like the meat of our show, cuz our, uh, camera crew missed the first song and a half, and the last two weren't so hot. not that any of this is really particularily good, cuz uh, we're pretty damn green with respect to playing live. but whatever, for the curious.

these are DIVX compressed files, so you most likely gotta download 'em to view them, and they are viewable in VLC or MPlayer or other such video playing applications (which are free - google them). they are each between 20 and 40 megs a piece. i need to learn more about compressing video, cuz that's still kind big for 2-3 minute clips.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

i got a mental block

Saturday, March 04, 2006

a loud mouth with a lack of character and virtue

man, when i get drunk, ugh, every morning, aside from feeling like shit from a hangover, i'm like, oh my gawd, did i do that? fuck, ugh, can't believe i said that, did that, acted like such an ass. fuckin' long island ice teas!

me and my roommates got all drunk last night and then went to the stud at my behest. first tho, we started off the night by having a wine and cheese party, also at my behest, whilst watching a flick called the private life of sherlock holmes, which was pretty rad. anyway, cheese bellyaches ensued, wine was gone, thus vodka shots began. i never do shots. but i guess my plan was to nuke the cheese, cuz i didn't feel up to yacking it up. anyway, we went to the stud for the shadowplay party, this band was playing, clar blue or something, and fucking hell, i've got some bad karma coming at me, cuz i was talking some shit. i mean, i guess they weren't really that bad, maybe just not really my thing, but fuck, i get drunk, i talk some shit. i really shouldn't talk shit on other musicians, cuz, people just as well could talk shit about me while i'm playing a show, and whatever, it's like, really i was just mainly visually offended by the performance aspect of these kids, kinda trying to hard to be lil' rockstar, look sexy, all synth pop dark electro or some shit, like, come on, don't try to be something, just be yrself, or not so fabricated looking i'm so trying to be sexy. i want effortless performance, not forced charisma. anyway, thru some chain of event, someone gave a copy of their cd to tommi and i was told by my crew that the cd was given to tommi with instructed that they wanted me to have it. so now i have their cd. why? cuz they think i'm cool looking and might dig it, cuz someone heard me badmouthing and this be their way of slapping it in my face? i dunno. the cover photo is cheezy terrible, but i'll give it a shot, whatever.

we left the bar to return to stevie's car, found a 40 year old black man in the driver's seat. stevie's wallet was missing, the guy was like, i didn't break into the car, i was just watching it until you got back, someone else broke in. thru our ineptitude, mainly nick's, cuz he's a pussy, haha, but so am i, we let the dude slowly inch away, when instead we should have beat his ass. by the time we realized an ass whooping was in order and i was off the phone with the cops, the dude was already long gone, and our search of the block and intersection proved fruitless. we're apparently not very efficient when completely wasted. fortunately, all he or whoever got was stevie's immediately cancelled bank card. and a nice wallet. the po-lice showed up, stevie filed a report, and then we returned home.

upon returning home, i resumed my anger at our evil fucking neighbor, "dick", for earlier in the day i had received notice that the san francisco department of motherfucking parking tickets had denied my appeal of the bullshit $75 ticket i had received when tommi parked my car and inch or two into the curb of dick's driveway. i expressed my anger by taking jessica's now empty bag of chips and crumpling it into a wad of which i tossed onto dick's patio. upon awakening this morning, all strangely early, i recalled such, and immediately began to regret the action, cuz, let's face it, dick is a sociopathic axe murderer. and it was passive aggressive for me to throw trash onto his property. so upon leaving the house to come to my dumb job where i be at now, i retreived the bag from dick's patio and properly placed in the trash in my garage. dick's day of reckoning shall come, but i will not be in the form of an empty bag of chips.

anyways, per music related issues, i re-did most of the vocals for "i got a mental block" yesterday, and got a pretty good mix. the word from the committee is that the drums are still a lil' muddy, so i'm gonna play with the eq a bit maybe tomorrow, but should have nearly done mix up soon after that. also, tonight, jessica is gonna try rehearsing with us for the first time! we'll see how it goes - i need to write up some notes for her, since there ain't shit to do here my dumb job.